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Our offices are located in downtown San Francisco.
Careers - Office Life
 Sephora University
Office Life
Sephora University
In order to deliver effective makeup advice and personalized support, all store associates take classes at Sephora University. The “university” inhabits an entire floor of Sephora’s San Francisco offices, and employees come in to receive specific brand training. Learning is hands-on, and it often involves working directly with products.
Careers - Office Culture
 A United Front
Office Culture
A United Front
Sephora store employees follow a dress code of white, black, grey, red, and Tangerine Tango—with the tangerine chosen as this year’s "Color of the Year" as a result of Sephora's partnership with Pantone. Although not visible to the public shopper’s eye, employees at corporate also dress in these same concept colors, creating a sense of unity across the company. That said, there’s always room for a little creativity—and come Friday, everyone gets a day off from the “uniform” to show off their own style.
“Employees here really do embrace the concept of innovation and taking initiative and teamwork."
VP, Direct Marketing
“The best part about Sephora is that there’s always room to grow."
Program Manager, Beauty Insider