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Sephora Careers
Careers - Office Culture
 Part of the Team
Office Culture
Part of the Team
“Corporate Headquarters” is a term you won't hear at Sephora. Instead, the company’s central offices are known the Field Support Center, emphasizing a flat hierarchy between corporate and stores and the common goals and spirit they share. Rather than creating stark divisions between company levels, the Field Support Center is there to facilitate store work.
Careers - What Sephora Does
 Sephora 101
What Sephora Does
Sephora 101
Sephora is a beauty retail company dedicated to providing a wide range of top-notch products. Stores carry new beauty cosmetics and fragrances, as well as the old classics. Sephora is also committed to outstanding customer service—all employees undergo Sephora training in makeup technique, application, and history, guaranteeing that customers are always met with knowledgeable staff.
“Whenever I walk into a Sephora store, it just reminds me of why this company is so amazing. It’s a playground.”
Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Fragrance
“Sephora is cutting-edge, innovative, hip. It’s fun. It’s an exciting place to work, and you never know what you’re going to get."
Program Manager, Beauty Insider