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 Efficient Engineering
Office Culture
Efficient Engineering
Benjamin loves helping SendGrid and his co-workers be more efficient. While he initially started his career in development, Benjamin discovered that he enjoyed creating unique ways to simplify his own workload, and he wanted a career shift that matched his interests. Benjamin moved to SendGrid and found a niche helping his teammates accomplish their tasks and making SendGrid a more efficient place to work.
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 Sr. Software Engineer & Team Lead
What Benjamin Does
Sr. Software Engineer & Team Lead
In order to build the internal support tools that SendGrid’s teams need to keep delivering to clients, Benjamin spends his days talking to co-workers in different departments. After a morning Scrum meeting with the Engineering Team, Benjamin meets with external teams—from Support to Technical Accounts to Sales—to find out where they’re experiencing issues and how he can help.
“We’re still caught in the start-up mentality—despite the fact that we’re not technically a start-up anymore—and it’s great.”
“A lot of the culture of SendGrid can be summarized with the 4 H’s—Hungry, Humble, Happy, and Honest.”