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 Engendering Excitement
Office Culture
Engendering Excitement
SendGrid’s growth has been explosive: With the opening of new offices in Redwood City, California, employees can’t help but be buzzed about their work and the potential for growth in the industry. The collective excitement in the office fuels the SendGrid team to come in early and stay late, brainstorming creative new ways to improve client services and forge the SendGrid’s legacy.
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 SendGrid 101
What SendGrid Does
SendGrid 101
Many companies, especially small start-ups, struggle with the logistical challenges of sending timely, accurate, and targeted emails—but at the same time, see huge upsides using email as a core part of their business and marketing strategies. SendGrid solves this problem for its clients. It alleviates hefty server and personnel costs associated with managing an email system, and gets every email on time and in peoples’ inboxes—not their spam.
“If you're the type of person who can be given a problem to solve—and you go and figure out how to solve that problem on your own—the management style here will absolutely play to your strengths.”
Product Manager
"I love helping to get the product off the group—helping to get those first users and build out the product roadmap."
Technical Account Manager