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 Pinterest-Style Hackathon
Office Life
Pinterest-Style Hackathon
Pinterest holds regular Hackathons, where employees (technical or not) get to choose a creative idea they want to make happen. The team tends to get pretty passionate about their creations—it’s not unusual for more than a few people to stick around working ’til the wee hours of the morning on Hackathon night. And it’s not just about improving the site: One recent project involved creating a real-life pinboard to for the Pinterest office wall. (Another involved the Pinterest office men’s bathroom—check out Zach’s page for that one.)
Careers - What Pinterest Does
 Pinterest 101
What Pinterest Does
Pinterest 101
Pinterest’s mission is to connect people through the interests they share. Users can create Pinterest pinboards where they organize images they love—from around the web or from their very own work. But it doesn’t stop there: Each user’s pinboards are potential inspiration for the rest of the Pinterest community, and “re-pinning” is highly encouraged. With a site that’s designed to make sharing and browsing easy, the opportunities for collaboration and shared connection are limitless.
“There is a fabulous opportunity here to build a product that can fully change the world and people’s lives for the better.”
Back-End Engineer
“Love the product if you want to work at Pinterest. We want to see that you’ve genuinely thought about us, what we mean to other people, and our mission.”
Community Manager