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 Exercise & Expansion
Peloton in the World
Exercise & Expansion
Peloton offers classes out of its flagship New York studio—and the Retail Team has taken the studio’s serene feeling and incorporated it into the retail space. In its five local stores, customers can receive a hands-on, high-touch experience of how Peloton really works. By the end of 2014, Peloton hopes to have eight retail locations up-and-running—and a Chicago studio to inspire even more.
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 Peloton 101
What Peloton Does
Peloton 101
Peloton is more than just a stationary bike—it’s a way of life. With its high-end luxury bike, Peloton has developed a way for people to workout at home without being alone. Complete with a touch-screen tablet, Peloton’s users can live stream studio cycling classes while simultaneously tracking their progress—giving customers the instruction, motivation, and sense of community needed to achieve their fitness goals.
"The community here at Peloton is extremely powerful, and infectiously positive. From inside our team, to our riders and beyond. It's amazing to be a part of.”
"The environment is really productive: we have access to all the imaginable tools we need. The people are dedicated, driven, and devoted both to their immediate work and to the product and company as a whole. A general atmosphere of openness and the ping-pong table are the icing on the cake.”
-Tatyana Shchensek-Nechiporuk