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Learning Focused
PaperG emphasizes the power of learning and constantly encourages its employees to expand their minds. The company gives employees a budget for books, conferences, and courses online and offline to make sure they always have access to relevant information, and are learning both personally and professionally.
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What PaperG Does
PaperG 101
PaperG is an advertising technology company that makes display advertising simple for any size business. The New York Times called PaperG 'an ad engine to put Mad Men out of business' because its technology can automatically create and distribute display ads across platforms and devices—thus drastically lowering the cost of online advertising for small- and medium-sized businesses. PaperG has also been named one of Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies in America.
“I don’t have a background in online advertising and neither do many of my colleagues — it’s not a prerequisite. It’s more about a desire to learn and a demonstrated ability to contribute to the team.”
Senior Account Manager
“Learning and growing in such a fast-paced, startup environment is a tremendous experience for everyone involved — from founders to employees.”
-Roger Lee
Co-Founder & President