Kiva’s offices are located in San Francisco, in the heart of SF’s start-up scene
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 The Kiva Library
Office Life
The Kiva Library
Everyone at Kiva has helped build the office library, full of books to help employees learn more about microfinance and the developing world. Chelsa’s favorite: One Hen, a children’s book that explains how microfinance works to elementary school-aged kids.
Careers - Office Perks
Office Perks
Once a month, Kiva employees enjoy what we’ve all missed since our grade-school days: Recess. Everyone takes 30 minutes off of work to enjoy food, music, and unstructured playtime at the office—and its all sponsored by Kiva.
“We have ‘No-meeting Tuesdays’ so a lot of people work from home on Tuesdays. But I’m usually here every day.”
- Kevin
Software Engineer and Unofficial Entertainment Director
“My dog Otis comes to work with me almost every day—he’s a total joy to be around.”
Community Marketing Director