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Goodwill Careers
Careers - Goodwill in the World
 “I Will. Goodwill.”
Goodwill in the World
“I Will. Goodwill.”
What will you do this year? I will donate. I will hire. I will work. I will aspire. Goodwill's new campaign is focused on recognizing what each individual can do to make a difference—which goes far beyond making donations. Goodwill is encouraging people to take on personal responsibility and take action to improve our communities, nationwide.
Careers - What Goodwill Does
 Goodwill 101
What Goodwill Does
Goodwill 101
Goodwill is so much more than a clothing store. In addition to offering employment through its retail outlets, Goodwill has a career center and job training programs designed to help people with barriers to employment find meaningful work. It offers classroom-based learning, as well as on-the-job training for those for whom classroom learning won’t work. And what’s more, Goodwilll also has a youth program focused on youth mentorship and empowering young people in the transition to adulthood.
“Goodwill’s a very interesting place. On one hand, we’re very mission-focused. On the other hand, we’re a fast growing entrepreneurial business. We have a very strong business culture here.”
President & CEO
“We don’t just operate stores to sell affordable goods to the community. We also operate our stores to give people with barriers to employment meaningful work to do.”
Director of Vocational Services
“The best part is when people get jobs. I wish we had a bell to ring every time somebody got a job.”
Manager of Career Services