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GlobalGiving is the place to be for individuals interested in smart global development, eager to think critically about solving serious world problems, and looking to make a tangible impact. Not only does GlobalGiving come to the table with notable non-profit organizations to learn, examine, and execute new world-changing ideas, its extraordinary work is backed up with real data and real change within underserved communities.
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 GlobalGiving 101
What GlobalGiving Does
GlobalGiving 101
GlobalGiving supports local changemakers around the world—connecting non-profits to individuals, companies, and their peers so they can improve their communities. GlobalGiving's mission—to catalyze a market for information, ideas, and money—has shaped grassroots philanthropy and international development. Founded in 2002, GlobalGiving has helped raise more than $170 million from 430,000+ donors to 2,000+ projects in 160+ countries—giving help and hope where they’re needed most.
“We’re eager to invest in and serve communities around the world. We’re all working towards a future where GlobalGiving is able to drive more dollars to more effective organizations and have a larger impact on even more lives.”
Program Manager
“We get to work with a lot of interesting project partners all around the world—and connect them to donors they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.”
Project Manager