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Factual’s offices are located in L.A., San Francisco, & Shanghai.
Careers - Office Life
 Yogis Unite
Office Life
Yogis Unite
Sitting at a computer all day can be wearing, but the Factual team counteracts office stress with relaxing yoga. Free yoga classes are conveniently held inside the Factual offices once a week, giving employees the opportunity to take a break from work and center their minds, bodies, and backs during the work day.
Careers - Office Culture
 A Diverse Palate
Office Culture
A Diverse Palate
Lunchtime at Factual is a sophisticated affair, and brown-bagged PB&Js just won’t do. At the L.A. office, the team takes time on Thursday afternoons to browse the nearby farmer’s market and enjoy local produce, products, and samplings. On Fridays, they mix it up with restaurant-catered food from diverse restaurants around the area—a new experience (and often a surprise) to look forward to every week.
“One of my favorite events at Factual is Poker Nights—everyone gets really competitive.”
Software Engineer
“We really enjoy each other’s company. Its almost like you’re hanging out with your buddies.”
Data Specialist