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We work in L.A., San Francisco, & Shanghai.

Factual Careers
Careers - Office Life
 A Global Enterprise
Office Life
A Global Enterprise
Data has no geographical boundaries, and neither does Factual. With offices located internationally in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Shanghai, Factual employees stay connected to each other around the world via phone, email, and Skype. For collaborative projects, the U.S. and Chinese offices organize visits multiple times a year so they can meet up face-to-face and exchange information the old-fashioned way.
Careers - What Factual Does
 Factual 101
What Factual Does
Factual 101
From mobile apps to social media sites, modern businesses need a way to get good data to optimize their products. At Factual, the team collects, structures, and organizes facts and information from many different sources to create very clean, high value databases for all types of businesses. Through its fast and rich APIs, Factual offers structured data as well as tools for data curation and analysis, so companies can focus on their mission statements instead of data-hunting.
“We’re taking a very difficult problem—gathering good quality data in a structured format—and making it available to the world.”
Software Developer
“Data’s really hot right now.”
Data Specialist