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We live and work in New York City.
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Office Culture
Creating & Collaborating
DOOR3 employees love their office’s flat, open structure, allowing everyone to see and touch many different projects across a diverse range of departments. DOOR3 actively fosters a sense of shared creativity and interdisciplinary learning, creating and environment where DOOR3 employees can easily collaborate and keep creating the most innovative and cutting-edge products for its clients.
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 DOOR3 101
What DOOR3 Does
DOOR3 101
DOOR3 builds unique, custom-designed software for its clients. Whether customers need help building mobile technology applications or setting up an internal intranet system, the DOOR3 team strives to create superior software products, provide expert web development, and maintain the integrity of its tech solutions through practical client support channels.
“If you’re someone who’s motivated, you can carve out a complicated and interesting role for yourself at DOOR3 that touches a lot of projects with many moving parts.”
Drupal Architect
“Because we don’t specialize in a particular industry or type of client, the things that are coming through the door—in terms of projects to work on—are always very different, unique, and changing.”
Director, User Experience