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Counsyl Careers
Careers - Office Life 
 A Hands-Off Approach
Office Life
A Hands-Off Approach
Staff at Counsyl really appreciate how much freedom they’re given in their everyday jobs. While there’s ample room to grow and develop, employees know that when they need advice or guidance, they can always find someone to fall back on. It’s this hands-off management approach that keeps everyone striving toward the same goals.
Careers - What Counsyl Does
 Counsyl 101
What Counsyl Does
Counsyl 101
Counsyl is a health technology company striving to make DNA screening truly accessible to everyone. Using the most sophisticated technologies available, Counsyl empowers men and women to take charge of their health and their children's health by providing them with critical information about their DNA. To date, Counsyl has performed a DNA screening for over 500,000 patients.
“We are all here with the same goals, passion, and drive—and that’s to make the best products that we can for our patients.”
Field Trainer
“What drives me, day to day, is the ability to influence the young minds in the lab and pass on my knowledge to help them succeed in the future.”
Assistant Technical Supervisor