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Screening For Health
The Counsyl Family Prep Screen has already helped hundreds of thousands of people discover critical information before having children, and the Counsyl platform extends beyond family preparation to include Inherited Cancer Screening. Recognized by the Wall St Journal, Wired, Scientific American, TechCrunch and the New York Times, Counsyl is at the forefront of technological creativity and innovation in medicine.
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 Counsyl 101
What Counsyl Does
Counsyl 101
Counsyl is a technology company that strives to give millions of men and women access to vital information about their bodies. Counsyl has reinvented the clinical lab, integrating sophisticated technology, molecular biology, and software engineering to analyze blood and saliva samples in a precise, accurate, yet cost-effective manner. Counsyl is taking the lead on helping patients and doctors communicate about medical results in real-time—giving people the freedom to make confident choices about their lives.
“Healthcare and Bioinformatics—as it pertains to people’s health—is a really exciting technology to advance.”
“Molecular diagnostics and genetics—as a tool to learn things about ourselves—is going to be huge, and we are one of the few companies on the cutting-edge of what we are doing.”
Director, Laboratory Automation