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Chartbeat Careers
Careers - Office Culture
 Fast & Pretty
Office Culture
Fast & Pretty
Chartbeat works with thousands of major publishers across the globe, which means collecting, analyzing, and storing insane amounts of data for real-time results. So the team relies on an office full of big screens displaying real-time data and writable, problem-solving-at-a-moment’s-notice surfaces.
Careers - What Chartbeat Does
 Chartbeat 101
What Chartbeat Does
Chartbeat 101
Chartbeat’s tools show people the data about their site and audience that actually matters, so they can act in real-time. Chartbeat’s focus on helping front-line teams of major publishers and brands results in the creation of cutting-edge products tailor-made for each role within each team—bringing meaning and context to how visitors are engaging with their content.
“We expect people to have an opinion. You should be able to tell me I’m an idiot several times a day like the rest of the team does because we think that’s important.”
-Tony Haile
“At Chartbeat we try to make data relevant for everyone. We make it fun, actionable, and easy to understand so you can make important improvements quickly.”
Marketing Engineer