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Careers - Challenge & Reward
 3, 2, 1—Action!
Challenge & Reward
3, 2, 1—Action!
Mollie has been working to add video content to Birchbox's repertoire, and she's loving it. Yes, video is hard. It’s a new field for Mollie, and YouTube is an incredibly competitive space—but the reward of giving customers amazing videos they can learn from is well worth the wild ride.
Careers - What Mollie Does
 Editorial Director
What Mollie Does
Editorial Director
Mollie is responsible for all the content Birchbox produces, from the online blog posts and videos to the inserts in each box describing the products of the month. Mollie kicks off each day by meeting with her team, going over the upcoming editorial lineup, reviewing recent metrics, and maybe planning a video shoot. In her down time, she’ll hang out with Birchbox’s Community Manager and watch YouTube videos to get inspiration for future Birchbox content.
“You get to hear from customers real-time. It can be overwhelming sometimes—but you always know what they’re thinking.”
“I really love the intersection of content and digital.”