Birchbox's offices are located in Union Square in New York City.
Careers - Cool Perks
 Samples Galore
Cool Perks
Samples Galore
Birchbox has an amazing team of product testers: their employees. Throughout the office are bins and buckets filled with luxe beauty samples that employees can test (and retest!) until they’re sure each product belongs in the pretty pink box.
Careers - Office Life
 Saved by the Bell?
Office Life
Saved by the Bell?
The Birchbox team stays fit. At the sound of the gong, everyone in the office drops and does weekday pushups or sit-ups. Not to mention, fresh fruit and healthy snacks are available all day and bouncy fitness balls have replaced many standard office chairs. Plus, employees often hit up yoga classes together after work.
"People are in at the crack of dawn, people are here late at night. There's always a great buzz around the office!"
Product Manager
“We have a lot of awards. We want to give credit to people when they do amazing things—so we have the Lacrosse Stick, the Gumptious Gnome, and the kicks.”
Editorial Director