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 Industry Insider
Office Life
Industry Insider
Maya spent 10 years as AFF’s Conference Director before stepping back to focus more directly on "On Story," the television series and book she is co-editing and producing. What’s her advice for industry hopefuls after her years in the business? Be detail oriented, be a strong planner, and make deadlines—but prepare to make it work when it all falls apart.
Careers - What Maya Does
 Board Member & Co-Editor
What Maya Does
Board Member & Co-Editor
Now a Board Member, Maya mainly focuses her efforts on “On Story”—a TV series on PBS presented by AFF. The show includes interviews with well-known screenwriters, directors, and producers to provide filmmaking insights from behind the scenes. Maya also works to tie the series to the festival, pairing each interview with one of AFF’s screened short films.
“Working here requires an incredible amount of juggling, so people need to be great multi-taskers and team players.”
“We’re always thinking of ways to promote the festival, to get our message out there, to increase our visibility, to raise funding—it’s truly nonstop and that’s exciting.”