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Careers - Office Life
 High Value On Values
Office Life
High Value On Values
Atlassian prides itself on core values that illustrate its dedication to getting things done together, in and out of the office. Centered around building with heart, being a team player, and openness with the customer and between team members, these foundational values dictate who Atlassian hires, how it does business, and ultimately, what it creates.
Careers - What Atlassian Does
 Atlassian 101
What Atlassian Does
Atlassian 101
Atlassian builds enterprise software that helps every member of every team and department stay on track, on point, and on top of their game. Atlassian develops products geared towards software developers and project managers, including its first application, JIRA, which helps track issues within a project, making it indispensable to teams around the world.
“I will tell you flat out: the founders are completely approachable guys.”
Support Team Lead
“To be able to seamlessly move from life outside of work into a workday—it’s kind of a beautiful thing.”
Customer Advocate Manager