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Careers - Office Life
 Constant Connections
Office Life
Constant Connections
At AlphaSights, employees aren’t stuck behind their desks all day crunching numbers; in fact, Excel models are few and far between. Instead, the AlphaSights team prefers to spend its time building client connections and getting acquainted with its experts. AlphaSights believes that when it comes to finding the best solutions for its clients’ toughest problems, it's the people who make all the difference.
Careers - What AlphaSights Does
 AlphaSights 101
What AlphaSights Does
AlphaSights 101
When companies need specific information and data—the kind you can’t find with a simple Google search—they contact AlphaSights to guide them in the right direction. AlphaSights is a premier knowledge broker, connecting clients with experts in very specific fields. AlphaSights' services allow clients to access industry specialists who can provide the very best information they need— to run the very best businesses.
“We look for people who are highly ambitious, who are intellectually curious, who want to be part of a growing company, and who want to help build something amazing.”
-Stirling Cox
Managing Director, AlphaSights USA
“We don’t think of ourselves as a service provider but, rather as a partner to our clients.”
Vice President