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Victoria Morell

Victoria specializes in career pivots, early career exploration, and digital marketing. Her experience with startups and big companies enables her to coach from a varied perspective.

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  • Career Changers
  • College/New Grads
  • Startups

More about Victoria

Victoria is an experienced career development instructor, employer relations professional, and training developer. She has contributed to the careers of over 1000+ young professionals by evoking a coaching philosophy centered on relationship building and storytelling. Through her daily interactions with employers across a multitude of industries, Victoria knows the skills employers search for when hiring and developing their teams and is effective in helping clients showcase these skills via resumes, LinkedIn, networking, and interviewing. Her educational background in both business and student affairs in higher education makes her great at connecting with clients and providing them with an actionable and personalized plan to achieve the results they desire. Victoria is dedicated to making sure clients feel heard and cared for, and is an active participant in helping clients’ career stories.


MBA; Master of Science in Student Affairs in Higher Education; NACE Career Coaching Intensive