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Nadia Ibrahim-Taney

Nadia (she/her) is an LGBTQ+ career coach focused on helping clients authentically design and build happy and fulfilling careers

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In your coaching partnership with Nadia, you’ll focus on areas such as career exploration, career clarity, creating a resume and elevated LinkedIn profile, enhancing your interviewing skills and networking abilities and lastly, negotiating offers and excelling in your new role. Through this work, you will build your confidence and competencies ensuring you know what you want from your career and how to make it happen! Diverse candidates and allies are especially welcomed with Coach Nadia


College/New Grads New Managers Mid Career Women Career Changers Veterans Digital Marketing Relocating Data Science Education Remote Job Seekers Finance ESL Confidence Coaching Bilingual International Job Seekers Visa/Sponsorship Engineering Human Resources/Recruiting Marketing Consulting Tech Advertisement and Agencies Returning To Workforce