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Melissa Narvaez

Melissa translates her personal experiences into advice to help job seekers advance their careers and see obstacles as opportunities for growth. She is a bilingual, diversity leader in tech.

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More about Melissa

What started as a pro-bono initiative for family and friends grew into 500+ volunteering hours helping people with their job search strategy in the United States and Latin America. The impact Melissa had in many people’s lives was a sign to take the next step, become a career coach. Melissa went from working with oil cargo ships in a small town in Venezuela to being part of the marketing team of a top San Francisco pre-IPO company, so she knows what it takes to shift careers, industries, and relocate successfully. Having a non-linear journey herself, she became an expert at identifying transferable skills, articulating accomplishments, and challenging doubts and perceptions that hold people back. She has 10+ years of experience in the tech industry, specifically sales, account management, and marketing. She currently leads regional marketing at one of the top software companies in the world, and is the founder of Venezolanas in Tech (@venezolanas_intech on Instagram), a community dedicated to inspiring and empowering Venezuelans and other Latinas to pursue a career in tech.