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Lisandra Rickards, Harvard MBA

Lisandra is a seasoned executive and coach. She helps people feeling stuck in their careers to either find fulfillment or move on to another opportunity with greater satisfaction and financial reward.

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More about Lisandra

Lisandra Rickards is Founder & CEO of Soul Career - a coaching company that empowers individuals to build careers that are a reflection of their authentic selves. She’s also the former CEO of the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship and has an MBA with honors from Harvard Business School and B.A. with honors in Economics from the University of Chicago. As a career coach she’s helped a range of professionals from budding entrepreneurs to C-Suite Executives, discover their life's work, lead authentically, and build powerful legacies. She developed the Soul Career four step system - psychometrics, positioning, persistence, and performance. This system takes her clients on a journey from understanding who they are, crafting their self-knowledge into a compelling story, persisting through career challenges and performing at their highest level. Over 95% of clients report success 6 months after taking her program. With many either finding satisfaction in their current careers or identifying new areas that provide them greater satisfaction and financial reward.


MBA, Harvard Business School; Completing DISC Certification