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Lexie Avery

Lexie encourages you to think about the value of your experience and how it relates to your career goals. She has extensive experience with new grads and young professionals from various industries.

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Understanding how your unique experiences and skill sets connect to your bigger picture career goals can be challenging. Lexie's own education, experiences and career exploration has led her to a meaningful career in education and higher education that she leverages to help individuals find career happiness. Working in college career services has given Lexie the opportunity to work with clients from a vast array of industries and her work with and understanding of what employers are looking for in candidates helps to inform her sessions. Applying for a new job and finding a meaningful career doesn't have to be scary, especially when you have a coach like Lexie in your corner.


Masters degree in Literacy Education, experience with DiSC assessments, Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI.


College/New Grads Mid Career New Managers Confidence Coaching Women Account Management Digital Marketing Education Finance Healthcare Media Non-Profit Public Relations Advertisement and Agencies Client services Consulting Fitness/Health Government Hospitality Human Resources/Recruiting Marketing Real Estate & Construction Sales