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Kristine Knutter

Kristine is passionate about helping clients get jobs they love. As a mentor and host of the Express to Impress podcast, she empowers job seekers to communicate powerfully so they reach their goals.

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Kristine is a Certified Employment Interview Professional™, Job Search Strategy Coach, and Resume and Cover Letter Writer with an excellent track record of helping job seekers land jobs they love. Her clients introduce themselves in a way that builds trust and credibility with employers. Additionally, with standout resumes, polished LinkedIn profiles, and eye-catching cover letters, Kristine’s clients consistently get job interviews. With her help, they pinpoint the value they bring, tell stories people want to listen to, and present their message in an organized manner. Her clients overcome communication mistakes, connect with others, and ultimately get what they want. TEFL-certified, she specializes in ESL job seekers and has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge regarding cultural differences that impact communication in the workplace. She is the host of the Express to Impress podcast and built a 5-hour course to give job seekers the knowledge they need to succeed.


Certified Employment Interview Professional; Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification


ESL Women Non-Profit Remote Job Seekers Mid Career International Job Seekers Education Executives Confidence Coaching Career Changers College/New Grads Engineering/Tech Bilingual