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With a personal growth and mindful approach, Katie helps career professionals get unstuck, build the confidence needed for major career transitions, and lead with meaning & purpose in life and work.

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Katie is the founder of KG Coaching where she empowers professionals to lead with confidence in all areas of their lives. With a personal growth-oriented and mindful approach, she has helped hundreds of career professionals over the past decade to build the confidence they need to go after their most ambitious and aligned career and life goals. She has helped her clients develop greater leadership capacity, launch entrepreneurial endeavors, ace big interviews, tackle major career transitions, manage the anxiety and stress of intense work demands, and live more fulfilled, balanced and joyful lives. Her specialty is working with people who are looking for "something more in life” or are considering a major transition, but feel stuck or confused about how to take action or plan the next steps. Katie helps clients unearth and clarify their strengths and articulate their unique value, she helps clients get to the core of what they want, identify blocks in thinking and offer proven resources, tools and ideas to discover potential paths and start taking action. Integrating experience in entrepreneurship, technology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, fundraising, professional development, non profit management, recruiting, and personal growth, Katie’s holistic process helps deliver deep insights that help empower clients to achieve major life and career goals.


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