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Jenna Starkey

Jenna is a certified coach focusing on millennial careers and fulfillment. She has a knack for understanding intrinsic motivations and blind spots allowing clients to break through with confidence.

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Jenna Starkey is a 2000+ hour certified professional coach and facilitator, trained at The Coaches Training Institute, with a range of expertise in strength-based professional development and human-centered communications. She has primarily offered career-focused coaching for millennials in the technology and communication world in the San Francisco Bay Area (and most recently Seattle, Los Angeles and New York). Having worked in a variety of industries herself including Silicon Valley startups, K-12 private school education, and corporate public relations - Jenna understands the landscape of the millennial work force and job search process, and is passionate about sharing her insights with others who can benefit. She has been told she "has a knack for understanding intrinsic motivations and uncovering blind spots" that allow her clients to break through blocks and move forward with confidence.


International Coach Federation (ICF) Accreditation, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, General Assembly Product Management Certification, Integrative Enneagram Certification


College/New Grads New Managers Mid Career Executives Women Career Changers Public Relations Entrepreneurs Graphic Design Education Remote Job Seekers Design Non-Profit Start Ups Returning To Workforce