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Jamie Lee

Jamie helps smart people who struggle with office politics get promoted and better paid without throwing anyone under the bus. Build a winning strategy that enhances your relationships and results.

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  • College/New Grads
  • Women
  • Startups

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Jamie Lee works as a negotiation and leadership coach for women on the rise. She is a pragmatic negotiation geek, relentless optimist, and student of psychology and communication dedicated to helping you negotiate, influence and lead. She has led hundreds of workshops on mutual-win negotiation strategies, self-advocacy, and transformative leadership, has coached executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals working in tech, consulting, healthcare, law and diplomacy, and has worked with Columbia University, Tufts University, Smith College, Penguin Random House, JPMorgan Chase, Jefferies, and the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women at the U.N.