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Evangelia Leclaire

Evangelia is soulful and strategic. With 18+ years of people ops experience helping 15k individuals build careers that fuel dreams, she'll coach and equip you with resources to grow through change!

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  • College/New Grads
  • New Managers
  • Mid Career

More about Evangelia

Evangelia knows that finding work you love is a painful, soul-sucking process, so she's vowed to make it purposeful, productive and fun. A professional recruiter, trainer, and coach, Evangelia has helped more than 15,000 young professionals find fulfilling careers through her business, Ready Set Rock Academy, and past work as VP of Operations for Dream Careers. She has a knack for inspiring people to take action through organized systems, processes, and resources that drive results and build relationships, and she takes great care in providing a custom-tailored approach to help you discover and build your dream career.