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Emily Liou, PHR, ELI-MP, CPC

Emily is an expert in clarity, personal branding, networking, interviewing, and negotiating. As a recruiter for the Fortune 500 and tech startups, she can tell you exactly how to stand out.

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  • College/New Grads
  • Mid Career
  • Relocating

More about Emily

Emily Liou has made a point to read every resume that comes across her deskā€”and that's thousands to date! As an experienced recruiter and HR professional responsible for hiring at top Fortune 500 companies and startups, she knows exactly what stands out, as well as what sends perfectly qualified candidates to the "no" pile. Emily's experience in recruiting and her certification as a National Certified Resume Writer allows her to provide her clients with a competitive edge in understanding how hiring managers think and positioning their skills to stand out among hundreds of resumes and interviewers. Emily is also passionate about networking and enjoys coaching others on how to make memorable and lasting impressions.


Professional in Human Resources Certificate, Nationally Certified Resume Writer, Danny Cahill Recruiter Training