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Everyone can find a job they love that is aligned with their passion. It’s simply a matter of discovering it. I use my entrepreneurial energy to craft you a dynamic resume and personal “sales pitch”

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I believe everyone can find a job they love that is aligned with their interests and skillsets. It’s simply a matter of discovering what that job is for you. I use my entrepreneurial spirit and energy to craft a dynamic resume that serves as your personal “sales pitch”. You will walk away understanding your personal value proposition and how to uniquely sell yourself to a company. I am a native Rhode Islander turned Floridian, a 2x graduate from the University of Florida, and people development strategist. I strive to develop others to arrive at a place where they are engaged and satisfied with both their daily work and the way they make the world a better place. My background in business and entrepreneurship enables me to serve you in an innovative, forward-thinking way. My industry knowledge lies in leadership, organizational development, education, marketing, sales, writing, edtech, software development, and more. This is how I will help you craft a better life.


Master of International Business (MIB) and a Bachelor of Business Administration


College/New Grads New Managers Mid Career Career Changers Public Relations Entrepreneurs Digital Marketing Graphic Design Education Remote Job Seekers Media Confidence Coaching Account Management Fitness/Health Start Ups Human Resources/Recruiting Consulting Advertisement and Agencies Client services Returning To Workforce