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Brad is a career and leadership coach for IT professionals. Professionals hire him to stop second-guessing themselves and become a leader of their career

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Brad is a career & leadership coach for IT professionals. Brad teaches IT professionals to stop second-guessing themselves and be the leader of their careers. He trains the technicians, engineers, and designers, aka the geeks 🤓 of the IT industry, to be servant leaders so they can inspire their teams, get more done, and reduce employee turnover. He teaches them how to work with people more effectively through the power of communication. Brad has a diverse background in IT from being a technician, engineer, analyst, solutions architect, and a manager. He has been featured on media outlets such as ABC, WGN-Radio, and many numerous podcasts. If you're feeling less than confident in your career, your leadership skills, or about your career path, Brad will make your process a lot easier.


Certified Life Coach (CLC)


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