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Anne M Kelly

Anne helps entry, mid, and executive clients apply their talents to meaningful employment. She helps clients discover what they want to do and how to create that opportunity.

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Anne helps entry, mid, and executive clients apply their talents to meaningful employment in corporate and nonprofit. She has helped clients navigate Wall Street to Silicon Valley and everywhere in between for over 15 years as a coach, and often helping them identify transferable skills from opposite industries. She rose quickly as a Marketing Executive building product brands, and later as the Assistant Dean who helped build the #2 Part-Time MBA program in the US. It was pure joy to guide over 1000 MBA and BBA students to custom tools and preparation for successful career search and transition. Helping international students flourish in their US careers is an honor. Her own artist journey allows her to apply lessons from the arts to career searches in a variety of industries. She has helped artists find steady employment to rocket scientists find roles on the business sides of their industry. Each client has the power to change their career. “Change happens when the artist creates - what have you created today?


CMCS Certified Master of Career Services; Certified Executive Coach; MA Leadership; CPRW through PARWCC, Certified Professional Resume Writer


Career Changers College/New Grads Mid Career New Managers Visa/Sponsorship Executives Remote Job Seekers Women International Job Seekers Confidence Coaching ESL Advertisement and Agencies Client services Consulting Creative/Music/Arts Data Science Digital Marketing Education Fashion Finance Graphic Design Human Resources/Recruiting Insurance Marketing Media Non-Profit Public Relations Real Estate & Construction Sales Tech Start Ups Returning To Workforce