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Adrian J. Hopkins

Adrian is a messaging expert with 20 years of experience in org. culture, media, and comms. A deep listener, he'll help distill your career into stories that stand out and are magnetic for recruiters.

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Adrian is one of the inaugural coaches who helped The Muse launch Coach Connect in 2015. He wrote more than 20 career advice stories for The Muse, many of which were syndicated widely to publications like TIME, Forbes, USA Today, and Newsweek. With organizational culture expertise shaped at the world's most influential companies in news and advertising, Adrian has insider knowledge about what C-suite leaders want from employees. He combines that insight with exceptional communication skills to help clients craft compelling stories about their career experiences. Adrian lends an empathetic and encouraging ear to those exploring different paths and those who know exactly what they want in their next role. His advice will help you lean into your strengths and develop career resilience, a strategy he developed when creating and scaling The New York Times's first global employee mentorship program, whose participants went on to have above-average promotions and internal moves.


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