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Abby Wolfe, MPH

Abby has a health and wellness background and works in the content world—writing, editing, social media, you name it! She loves helping people navigate the job search process as smoothly as possible.

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More about Abby

Since graduating with her master’s in public health, Abby's worked in the health and wellness field—from evaluating employee wellness programs, to managing a group of college peer health educators, to serving as a group fitness instructor, health coach, and personal trainer. As a health professional, Abby understands that, if your job is making your miserable, your overall well-being is probably suffering, too. When she joined The Muse as a writer a few years ago, she quickly learned how much she enjoyed helping other people find success and happiness in their careers. So much so, that she started her own side gig of reviewing resumes, writing cover letters, and revamping LinkedIn profiles. At the end of the day, Abby cares about one thing—Helping her clients discover their dreams and find the confidence to follow them.