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SmartNews’ office as seen on The Muse.

Searching for a job offers the opportunity to not just find your next dream role, but also to discover amazing companies you didn’t know before. And whether you’re seriously looking or casually browsing, The Muse is the right place to start: We’re constantly partnering with new companies, including these 19 employers.

This list includes all kinds of cool businesses, from the fast-growing startup SmartNews to Headspace, one of the top meditation apps in the world. The best part? When you read our company profiles, you get an inside look at what it’s really like to work at these businesses. For example, you can find out why the team at Wix doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter career paths or learn more about Crossborder Solutions’ groundbreaking tax reporting technology.

Whatever your career aspirations might be, keep on scrolling—you might just find your ideal fit right here.


Wix company profile
Wix culture
Working at Wix

Wix is shaping the face of the internet day by day by making it a place where anyone can become successful. To make that happen, they deliver innovative products that empower more than 182 million people worldwide to create without limits.

The same spirit defines them as a company: They innovate and work wholeheartedly to give everyone the keys to feel fulfilled and successful in their creation every day. They believe that in order to thrive, people should be trusted to truly own what they do, heard and valued for who they are, and surrounded by great people with whom their ideas can spark something new.


SmartNews company profile
SmartNews culture
Working at SmartNews

There is a strong focus at SmartNews to contribute to society by delivering quality, accurate, and up-to-date information. They strive to make a direct commitment to building a better world and helping the content ecosystem thrive.

As a fast-growing startup, there is tons of opportunity for team members to make an impact. Employees take ownership in not only solving essential problems, but stepping up to accept challenges that they may face in doing so. At SmartNews, they believe that it is important to recognize team members in their successes. This appreciation helps to establish a more collaborative culture that promotes creative problem-solving and teamwork.


Postmates company profile
Postmates culture
Working at Postmates

Cofounded by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street in 2011, Postmates is the industry-first leader in the modern logistics space. Their mission is to enable anyone to have anything delivered on demand. Their team is building a revolutionary platform and technology solutions they believe can change delivery for good. Their work every day is guided by their four core values—Innovation, Growth, Trust, and Oneness. They believe these values create an environment that inspires them to do the best work of their lives at Postmates while amplifying their positive impact on the people, merchants, and communities they serve every day.


Headspace company profile
Headspace culture
Working at Headspace

Founded in 2010 by Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe, Headspace was created with the vision to improve the health and happiness of the world. Reaching more than 65 million users in 190 countries, they are well on their way. The company is committed to demystifying meditation and advancing the field of mindfulness through clinically validated research, with one of the largest research pipelines of any digital health and wellness company. At Headspace, they strive to create an inclusive, purpose-driven environment where every teammate can bring their whole self to work, be celebrated for their unique perspectives, and is set up for growth and success.

Symetra Life Insurance Company

Symetra Life Insurance Company company profile
Symetra Life Insurance Company culture
Working at Symetra Life Insurance Company

Symetra Life Insurance Company is a financial services company offering annuities, life insurance, and employee benefits that help people create secure retirements, protect their families, and get benefits at work. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, and has offices in 20 cities across the country. At Symetra, they’re creating a workplace where all employees can reach their highest potential. They are dedicated to equitable hiring opportunities for advancement, career development, and personal growth for all.


Marqeta company profile
Marqeta culture
Working at Marqeta

Marqeta is the first global modern card-issuing platform, providing the most advanced infrastructure and tools for building highly configurable payment solutions. With its open API, the Marqeta platform is designed for the most innovative companies and offers a simple and tailored way of managing payment programs so that they can create world-class experiences and power new modes of commerce.

Grand Rounds Inc.

Grand Rounds Inc. company profile
Grand Rounds Inc. culture
Working at Grand Rounds Inc.

Grand Rounds is on a mission to solve some of healthcare’s hardest problems. This means they have an exceptionally driven team who love a good challenge.

What sets them apart? They root for the team, drive healthy debate, deliver results that matter, bring their best selves, and, most importantly, they keep patients as their ultimate focus. And throughout it all, they never forget to laugh. From hackathons and cultural celebrations to meeting their patients in real life, the team at Grand Rounds makes sure to build a fun, empathetic, and inclusive workplace. If you want to make a real difference in people’s lives and work with some of the kindest and brightest minds, they want to talk to you.

CrossBorder Solutions

CrossBorder Solutions company profile
CrossBorder Solutions culture
Working at CrossBorder Solutions

Crossborder Solutions’ mission is to revolutionize the world of tax reporting, compliance, and planning through AI and advanced cloud-based technologies, delivering superior solutions to all their clients and providing the highest levels of service in the industry.

Their culture is defined by always wanting to be better. They’re one of the fastest-growing companies in the world because they never give up on going further. They work hard and reward their people with a fun, positive, and inclusive environment—their employees represent more than 40 nations, with 40% of them coming from minority backgrounds, and half of their executive team and 45% of all employees are women.


Cognite company profile
Cognite culture
Working at Cognite

Employees at Cognite are pushing the envelope with the latest cloud technology, scaling industrial applications across hundreds of assets, revolutionizing industrial data models, and working with robotics. Cogniters are fast, creative, and resilient—not only because of their dynamic office environment and the way they equip their people to move at speed—but because they encourage each other and look forward to combining their unique areas of expertise in ways that will crack new codes for the industry. They keep the energy high and fun, learning from their mistakes and celebrating their victories together.

Esusu Financial, Inc.

Esusu Financial, Inc. company profile
Esusu Financial, Inc. culture
Working at Esusu Financial, Inc.

Esusu is a mission-focused company and a fintech platform. Their employees come from various backgrounds and our members are spread across the world. In early 2020, their cofounders, Abbey Wemimo and Samir Goel, were named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for social entrepreneurs. As a company, their mission is to be the preeminent global financial identity provider by 2023. They plan to bring this to fruition by upholding their company values: gratitude, forward together, realizing full potential, ever-evolving, and purposeful profit.

Black Spectacles

Black Spectacles company profile
Black Spectacles culture
Working at Black Spectacles

At Black Spectacles, they’re a purpose-driven company, aimed squarely at educating and inspiring architects across the world so they can thrive in their careers. Their content—which includes podcasts, design tutorials, and exam prep—helps architects keep pace with emerging technologies and software so they can do their best work. They’re lucky to say they work at an award-winning place that’s small enough to see the difference you make, but big enough to have room for growth. A place where they encourage core values like building confidence, but not big egos. A place where it’s always safe to share ideas and where they take calculated risks without being reckless. A place that is world-class.

Salamander Hotels & Resorts

Salamander Hotels & Resorts company profile
Salamander Hotels & Resorts culture
Working at Salamander Hotels & Resorts

Salamander Hotels & Resorts embraces gracious hospitality and presents guests with all the comforts of home in a sophisticated, yet casual style. Beyond their incredible accommodations, their employees are at the heart of every unique experience, making Salamander Resort & Spa a fun and gratifying place to work. They invite you to join their friendly, diverse, and enthusiastic team of professionals, who strive to provide the very best in service and are driven to maintain their Five-Star Rating by the Forbes Travel Guide, which has catapulted their spectacular resort into one of the world’s most coveted and elite destinations. They offer professional privileges, training and growth—as an expanding luxury hospitality portfolio, the advantages and opportunities are endless.


Inflection company profile
Inflection culture
Working at Inflection

At Inflection, their mission is to build trust by harnessing the power of data. To achieve their ambitious goals, they’re growing a diverse team of collaborative, adaptable, hard-working people who are passionate about solving problems and achieving success. They’re dedicated to providing a company culture that’s inclusive, engaging, supportive, and where employees can grow and thrive.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen company profile
Black Girl Sunscreen culture
Working at Black Girl Sunscreen

At Black Girl Sunscreen, their mantra is “strive for excellence.” Their team works to ensure their customers know they are their number one priority. They are passionate about what they do and their brand, as well as educating their consumers on the importance of protecting their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. As their team enjoys working from home, their founder encourages a cohesive work environment where opinions are valued and autonomy is encouraged.


Wave company profile
Wave culture
Working at Wave

Wave is on a mission to bring the best live virtual shows to audiences across the globe. They developed their platform with artists in mind, always striving to improve upon their design to ensure a fantastic show experience for all in a novel environment. They’re guided by the belief that music and games truly bring folks together, and by taking aspects from both to create these new experiences, they’re out to change the way people approach the traditional live music space. Their people are passionate about the work they’re doing because they believe that they have something that can change the world.


Mad*Pow company profile
Mad*Pow culture
Working at Mad*Pow

Mad*Pow’s team thrills clients by solving real-world problems to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The company is dedicated to creating an environment where employees can deliver high-quality work while maintaining a positive work-life balance. Culture is at the core of their business and Mad*Pow understands the importance of providing challenging and rewarding opportunities, a workplace that suits people’s needs, and unique benefits that truly support employees. Mad*Pow hires pioneers in their field who keep on the cutting edge with techniques, styles, methodologies, and technology.


Grabango company profile
Grabango culture
Working at Grabango

Grabango’s mission is to eliminate lines and save people time. Their checkout-free shopping technology creates a convenient, efficient, and more pleasant retail experience for both customers and businesses.

Their teams of accomplished technology and commerce experts are passionate about changing the way people interact with things and improving the shopping experience. Their fervor for problem-solving is balanced by a welcoming and tight-knit culture in which colleagues can form strong bonds. New hires can look forward to great benefits, a diverse and inclusive environment, and the opportunity to create products that aim to change the retail landscape worldwide.

Urban Bush Women

Urban Bush Women company profile
Urban Bush Women culture
Working at Urban Bush Women

Urban Bush Women’s work is rooted in six core values: Catalyzing for Social Change; Building Trust through Process; Entering Community and Co-Creating Stories; Celebrating the Movement and Culture of the African Diaspora; Recognizing that Place Matters.

They recognize, celebrate, and promote each individuals’ assets, as integral to the fulfillment of their mission and values. Professional development is an essential part of their organization. Everyone is encouraged to actively seek professional development opportunities. They also nurture leadership skills and facilitate the use of art as a means of encouraging social responsibility and civic engagement.


FRONTSTEPS company profile

At FRONTSTEPS, they’re passionate about powering safe, informed, and efficient communities all over the world. They have built a diverse team that thrives on challenge, and look for people who collaborate, roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and have fun doing it. They know that they cannot build a community-focused product without actively investing in their FRONTSTEPS family. Because their people are their most valuable asset, they hire the best and empower each team member to own their role and success. With a fully remote workforce, each person who joins the FRONTSTEPS family takes on a level of responsibility and ownership to ensure their mission is fulfilled.

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