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Discord’s San Francisco office, as seen on The Muse.

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Whether you’re just beginning your job search or have been at it for a while now, these employers may be just what you need to get inspired. Check out the roles they’re hiring for right now.


Discord company profile
Discord culture
Working at Discord

Discord was built to help create belonging, which is not only important for their product but also for their team. They have invested in building a culture of mutual respect, partnership, support, and balance. They believe that everyone should be able to be their authentic selves at work and have a voice in what they do. The team has focused on building inclusion and diversity into the foundation of their growing company and support and celebrate differences. As a fast-growing startup, autonomy and a fearless approach to learning and experimenting is important, and they empower their team to do amazing things. They learn from their successes as much as they learn from their failures, and most importantly, they remember to have fun, connect, and take care of each other along the way.

Bank of America

Bank of America company profile
Bank of America culture
Working at Bank of America

At Bank of America, they’re creating real, meaningful relationships with individuals, businesses, and communities to help them focus on what matters most.

They are committed to attracting and retaining top talent around the world to ensure they continue to deliver for their clients and communities. Along with taking care of their clients, they want to be a great place for people to work, and they strive to create an environment where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals.


Plenty company profile
Plenty culture
Working at Plenty

Plenty is a new kind of farm for a new kind of world. They are on a mission to bring healthy food to the world while protecting the environment. Their pesticide-free, non-GMO leafy greens taste fresh-picked from the garden because they are. They grow and deliver locally, cutting transportation miles and reducing emissions.

Plenty’s indoor farms mean fresh produce is always in season. They currently operate in San Francisco, CA, and Laramie, WY. Their new Compton, CA, site, set to open in 2021, will be the world’s first, high-capacity indoor vertical farm.


Visa company profile
Visa culture
Working at Visa

At Visa, your individuality fits right in. You’ll have the opportunity to impact the world, invest in your career growth, and be part of an inclusive and diverse workplace. They are a global team of disruptors, innovators, and risk-takers who are helping drive economic growth in even the most remote parts of the world and creatively moving the industry forward. They are doing meaningful work that brings financial literacy and digital commerce to millions of unbanked and underserved consumers. You’re an individual. They’re the team for you. Together, you can transform the way the world pays.


ServiceNow company profile
ServiceNow culture
Working at ServiceNow

ServiceNow makes work better for people—including their own. From work environments that help them do their best, to the benefits and culture that encourage employees to stay healthy, happy, engaged, and growing, ServiceNow keeps their people at the center of everything they do. They strive for a fair system of opportunity and treatment for all. Competitive health and wellness benefits, zero-tolerance for any kind of discrimination, and protection from social stigmas are core to their values and beliefs.

Help them build on their incredible momentum, their diverse, engaged workforce, and their purpose to make the world of work better. Explore your future career with ServiceNow.

iRhythm Technologies

iRhythm Technologies company profile
iRhythm Technologies culture
Working at iRhythm Technologies

iRhythm Technologies’ people are dedicated, self-motivated, and driven to do the right thing for their patients, clinicians, and coworkers. At the same time, the company’s leadership is focused, approachable, and committed to their employees and the mission of the company. They work as a team and define success around the ability to take initiative, collaborate, make decisions, and execute.


Hiya company profile
Hiya culture
Working at Hiya

At Hiya, they are on a mission to modernize the voice call. The company builds innovative products that impact how millions of people connect. Their Voice Performance Platform stops spammers, blocks fraudsters, and enables businesses to connect with their customers again. Their team is passionate about creating a culture where employees love to work, feel supported and energized, and are empowered to create, innovate, and challenge the status quo. They live by their values: Lead, Serve, Own It, Improve, and Do. Join their team and grow your career with the most dedicated and driven group of people you’ll ever meet.

Coleman Research

Coleman Research company profile
Coleman Research culture
Working at Coleman Research

Coleman Research Group helps thousands of clients get answers to their most critical questions. Rather than spending hours reading research reports or traveling to meet people at conferences, clients turn to Coleman Research Group to connect them directly with industry experts. The company also facilitates custom surveys and moderated teleconference events, providing clients with additional ways to learn. As they continue to grow, the relationships they’ve built with their clients, experts, and colleagues remain at the heart of their business.

Vivacity Tech PBC

Vivacity Tech PBC company profile
Vivacity Tech PBC culture
Working at Vivacity Tech PBC

At Vivacity Tech, they’re passionate about creating an inclusive company culture that values and promotes diversity. They believe a diverse workplace drives better value, better decisions, and better products. To that end, they have cultivated a gender-balanced leadership team, hired diversity consultants to help ensure they stay on par with their company initiatives, and established a partnership with the city of St. Paul, MN, to give under-resourced youth on-the-job training and professional development. They believe that building a team from the ground up that is diverse in people, perspectives, and experiences allows them to make smarter business decisions.

Black Girl Ventures Foundation

Black Girl Ventures Foundation company profile
Black Girl Ventures Foundation culture
Working at Black Girl Ventures Foundation

As a high-growth nonprofit with a mission to serve Black and brown women entrepreneurs, Black Girl Ventures Foundation offers a highly collaborative workplace where employees can operate with autonomy and play a part in creating a more equitable world where every idea has a chance to succeed. Thriving at Black Girl Ventures Foundation looks like taking initiative, being a team player, being flexible, and understanding the importance of entrepreneurship in creating value for the women and communities they serve.


KOHO company profile
KOHO culture
Working at KOHO

The KOHO collective is a motivated, hardworking bunch that’s laser-focused on building a better banking future for all Canadians. Contributing to KOHO’s mission is more than just collecting a steady paycheck. They’re in this together and if you join KOHO, they will support you in reaching your goals. Their in-house performance coaches will help keep your skills at their sharpest while their unlimited PTO is there when you need to recharge your mental batteries. Are you ready to see how far you can go?

Chambers Theory Property Management

Chambers Theory Property Management company profile
Chambers Theory Property Management culture
Working at Chambers Theory Property Management

Chambers Theory Property Management’s roots as a family-operated company influence the company’s dedication to customer service and the development of long-lasting relationships. They are committed to creating a challenging and rewarding environment in which every member of their team is valued. Their constant pursuit of improvements in the way they provide services and their commitment to the family values they were built upon empower their team to deliver personal real estate services.

Engine No. 1

Engine No. 1 company profile
Engine No. 1 culture
Working at Engine No. 1

Engine No. 1 is an investment firm that aims to make a difference. Engine No. 1 was founded around one core belief: Companies who invest in their workers, communities, and the environment will be more sustainable over the long-term. They are a team of innovators, changemakers, and impact investors, focused on igniting change and instigating value. They do this across a variety of public and private investment vehicles, engaging strategically with corporations and seeking to drive change, advancing long-term interests of the corporations and their shareholders and stakeholders. The world is changing—the time is now, it’s time to act—it’s time to harness the power of capitalism.

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