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Hotel Engine’s Denver office as seen on The Muse.

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Assurance company profile
Assurance culture
Working at Assurance

Assurance, a Prudential company, is on a mission to improve financial wellness for people across the world. Its team of world-class software engineers, data scientists, and business professionals work every day to expand the company’s product offerings and the reach of its platform. They simplify the complex world of insurance and financial services with straightforward, valuable solutions that improve people’s lives. Assurance’s platform serves as the intersection between customer and seller, technology, and the human touch. At Assurance, they are innovative, persevering, collaborative, calculated, and authentic, and they’re working together to improve the lives of millions.


Automattic company profile
Automattic culture
Working at Automattic

Join a team of diverse, global perspectives. At Automattic, they believe that intellectual diversity is critical to their success. Create the work environment and schedule that empowers you to perform at your very best. The company cares about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in. Work from where you choose—they track about 70% of their projects on blogs and the rest on Slack. Because of the geographic variance, they’re active 24/7.

Benefits of working at Automattic include: parental leave, plus a three-month sabbatical every five years; mentorship and coaching programs; training and education support; high employee retention; and generous insurance, leave, and pension benefits. If you’re ambitious, energetic, and driven by a passion to help people, you can make a visible, profound, and lasting difference here.


LeafLink company profile
LeafLink culture
Working at LeafLink

LeafLink is revolutionizing B2B commerce—starting with the cannabis industry. The company’s leadership is continually building a community of employees who embrace change, support one another, and deliver excellence. The trust and respect they have for their customers is matched only by how they treat each other, and they are focused on building an inclusive, and collaborative work environment. They celebrate accomplishments and navigate challenges together as a team. LeafLink is growing rapidly and welcomes employees who are driven to go the extra mile, thrive in ambiguity, and are ready to write the next chapter of their careers together.

Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine company profile
Hotel Engine culture
Working at Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine’s team aspires to be the best every day. They’re obsessed with giving customers the best experience and they set a high bar to make it happen. That starts and ends with finding and nurturing the best and brightest talent. Great people are their number one investment, and critical to their success today and their growth in the future.

Hotel Engine is not for everyone—and they think that’s a good thing! Here are the key personality traits and characteristics they look for in associates. They call these traits their Hotel Engine DNA, as they are the critical makeup of their culture: Customer Obsessed, Show a Will to Win, Think Big, Efficient and Results Focused, Bias for Action, Act with Ownership, Dive Deep and Be Curious, Insist on High Standards, Simplify for Scale, Together We Thrive, and Master Your Craft.

Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars company profile
Bright Cellars culture
Working at Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars’ team is proud of their startup roots and they aren’t afraid to show it. They’re made up of amazing, brilliant, driven, and innovative people who love wine and have a passion for sharing that love with their members. They lean on their core values to guide every decision they make because they are obsessed with creating a member-centric wine journey. They are proud of being a “flat” company, which means there are less layers of bureaucracy and approvals. Anyone can have a meeting with anyone. Anyone can make a major impact.

Nav Inc.

Nav Inc. company profile
Nav Inc. culture
Working at Nav Inc.

Nav Inc. is democratizing small business financing. In other words, they give small-business owners access and control. This means working with curious, purpose-driven, dedicated, and smart people who push themselves, the company, and their community to the next level. They are the people behind the tech, and when it’s good, they look for better. They are passionate about empowering employees and giving them the freedom to shape their future. Nav Inc.’s teams lead with candor, charge hard, fail fast, all while working in a fun, diverse, and inclusive environment. If you are a high-energy innovator, enjoy a fast-paced, high-growth environment, and have the zest to solve big challenges, join them.

NEXT Insurance

NEXT Insurance company profile
NEXT Insurance culture
Working at NEXT Insurance

NEXT Insurance is a fast-growing startup based in Silicon Valley that is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with a history of successful outcomes. The company’s mission is to transform insurance for small businesses by combining world-class technology and phenomenal customer service to offer better insurance at a lower price. They are the leading digital insurtech company transforming small business insurance, and they just announced a $250 million new funding round, bringing the company’s valuation to $4 billion and total funding raised to more than $880 million.


Huntress company profile
Huntress culture
Working at Huntress

Huntress’ team values transparency and fairness. This extends to their customers where they clearly explain why they’ve made business decisions, what their product does, and how they do it without misrepresenting the facts. Huntress forms partnerships with their customers rather than simply monetary transactions and it shows in the feedback and reviews they receive.

Even though most of their employees work remotely, Huntress has a very collaborative culture, which helps to offset any feelings of isolation. They have a remote-first culture and routinely jump on video calls to work together to discuss features, code review, pair program, or when someone has something they want to show off.


Kernel company profile
Kernel culture
Working at Kernel

Kernel creates the interfaces and insights necessary to unlock the greatest scientific unknown: the inner workings of the human brain and mind. Kernel is a full-stack neurotech company founded in 2016 with the mandate to do something that will change the world. They are leveraging the best non-invasive brain scanning techniques to create next-generation technologies that dramatically expand the accuracy, frequency, and environments in which cognitive activity can be monitored. Their proprietary technology is designed in-house with neuroscientists, physicists, and engineers controlling every step of the process, from chip design to optics, control software to machine learning, and experimental design to analysis.

Whip Media

Whip Media company profile
Whip Media culture
Working at Whip Media

Whip Media is a growing team of dedicated and passionate Whipsters looking to create waves of change within the media and entertainment industry. Backed by their suite of consumer and B2B products, including the largest TV-and-movie tracking app in the world, TV Time, their metadata database TheTVDB, and their content value management platform, Whip Media is fully fueling the entertainment industry. Whipsters are motivated by the opportunity for long-term growth in a fast-growing company and have the power to build systems and products that have an everlasting impact on a quickly evolving industry. They embrace solving hard problems and bring their ambitious and enterprising spirit to finding the right solutions to their clients’ needs.


AssessFirst company profile
AssessFirst culture
Working at AssessFirst

AssessFirst makes success predictable. The company’s mission is to disrupt the world of recruitment and change attitudes through their predictive recruitment solution. They are convinced that a person’s personality, potential, and motivation are a much more powerful indicator of success than their CV or degree—and that’s the message they want to send to companies around the world.


Aparavi company profile
Aparavi culture
Working at Aparavi

At Aparavi, they look for employees who have a desire to transform the world of data management. Their teams are challenged each day to think outside of the box and come up with innovative approaches to tackling problems and delivering solutions for internal teams and their customers. The company cultivates a culture of autonomy, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit will thrive.


Tandem company profile
Tandem culture
Working at Tandem

At Tandem, people believe that their inclusive, collaborative culture helps them create higher-quality software. They love to work together to solve tough problems, mentor new engineers and designers through their Apprenticeship Program, and learn more about their craft every day.

Tandem’s unique approach to consulting leads to a better employee experience and a higher quality of life. They treat each other like people: they all have families, hobbies, and priorities outside of their jobs. That’s why they enforce a 40-hour workweek with flexible hours, and give you the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the United States. A healthy work-life balance primes them to do work they are proud of and puts them in the right mindset to learn, teach, and enjoy their jobs without burnout.


NoRedInk company profile
NoRedInk culture
Working at NoRedInk

NoRedInk is on a mission to unlock every writer’s potential and its team believes that how they achieve that goal is just as important. From their hiring practices to onboarding to communication style, they seek greater perspective and earnest conversation. They cultivate a supportive environment rich with feedback to foster the growth and happiness of everyone on the team.

They bring tremendous passion and optimism to their work and they’re deeply committed to empowering teachers and inspiring students—and they hold themselves to an extremely high bar as they serve that commitment. They strive to be thoughtful and empathetic when making decisions that impact their users. They’re a decade into this journey, and they’re still excited to seize the opportunity to make a difference together as a team.


Triplebyte company profile
Triplebyte culture
Working at Triplebyte

Triplebyte is solving a problem everyone knows. If you’ve ever experienced a bad interview or been turned away because of your resume, you know the process they are fixing. The company’s leadership has a proven track record of founding, building, and selling successful companies. Their team is fewer than 75 people, so you’d have a high impact on how they grow. Picking an early startup to join is tough, but the things to look for are a strong team, traction, and a large market. It’s rare to find a team as small as theirs that has all three.

Triplebyte is remote right now (and some opportunities are permanently remote), but typically they work from San Francisco’s SOMA district.

Hunt Club

Hunt Club company profile
Hunt Club culture
Working at Hunt Club

At Hunt Club, they believe in the power of relationships. Not only is it their business model, but it is the most important part of their company culture. It is their mission that every person at Hunt Club feels a sense of connection with their teammates and their work. The organization is driven by their values: We Take Pride in Our Work, We Ask “Why?,” We Elevate Others, We Figure It Out Together, and We Do What’s Right. If these are values that resonate with you, Hunt Club is a place where you will succeed. They want team members who are curious, passionate, proud, collaborative, and full of integrity. You don’t just do what is on your job description; you are someone that goes above and beyond to help others thrive.

Red Van Workshop

Red Van Workshop company profile
Red Van Workshop culture
Working at Red Van Workshop

Red Van Workshop’s fully remote team is made up of employees in more than 25 states. The company works in your time zone and promises you’ll know everyone on your team. They are about building a team of collaborative, driven, talented, and down-to-earth people who are alive with energy and full of joy for what they do. They’re intelligent and knowledgeable, but never at the expense of being who they are at heart: someone you’d love to have a beer with. They’re straight shooters and build trust with relationships that last. What you see is what you get, and that’s why people love them. Smart as heck. A lifelong learner who lives at the forefront of technology. And while they’re cutting edge, it’s never driven by ego, only the desire to be better.

Guardhat, Inc.

Guardhat, Inc. company profile
Guardhat, Inc. culture
Working at Guardhat, Inc.

Guardhat is a mission-driven startup that’s enhancing the safety, productivity, and overall lives of industrial workers. The company offers an end-to-end solution to the industrial market, comprising cutting-edge technology typically reserved for the average consumer. They look for individuals who are aligned to their mission and who thrive within a dynamic, innovative, and fast-paced environment. They are a lean team and every individual is empowered to try new things and make key decisions with minimal barriers with the support from leaders across the organization. They pride themselves on treating customers, employees, vendors, and investors as people first. If this sounds like a fit for you, they’re excited to start the conversation.


Compa company profile
Compa culture
Working at Compa

Compa was founded on the idea that compensation should be fair and competitive for everyone. This means driving more transparency into the offer process, with greater accountability and visibility and less information asymmetry. Their team builds products with empathy for their users—recruiters have difficult jobs and Compa’s products are designed to make their lives easier. Compa’s team works remotely, but they also believe in the power of in-person connection. They are curious, value a diversity of perspectives, collaborate very closely, and play to win.


Kafene company profile
Kafene culture
Working at Kafene

Kafene is a fast-growing, dynamic fintech company dedicated to empowering flexible ownership solutions for consumers nationwide. They’re planning to accomplish that dream by bringing in talented people to help them successfully execute the ambitious plan ahead. The company’s small-but-mighty team features employees from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, all with significant industry-specific experience. Kafene’s cofounders bring deep capital markets expertise, portfolio management, and technological domain knowledge to the table, and their CEO was a very successful derivatives trader before becoming CFO at a billion-dollar fintech company.

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