Employees working on their desktops at Noodle Partners’ New York City office
Noodle Partners’ New York City office, as seen on their Muse profile.

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Noodle company profile
Noodle culture
Working at Noodle

The people at Noodle have designed, built, and managed some of the best online undergraduate and graduate programs in the country. Since 2013, they have helped 20 colleges and universities, including Tufts, Harvard, and Tulane, create and manage first-rate online and hybrid programs that exceed faculty and student expectations. The team at Noodle is passionate about working at the intersection of higher education and technology.


Bombas company profile
Bombas culture
Working at Bombas

Bombas is a comfort-focused apparel brand with a mission to help those in need. For every item purchased, a specially designed item is donated to a member of the homeless community. The company launched in 2013 after the founders learned that socks are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. With millions of pairs sold and donated, Bombas continues to innovate with new apparel while creating a positive impact. Inquisitive people who love to learn, understand the importance of giving, and embrace successes and failures are sure to find a place within the Bombas Hive. Bombas fosters a people-first approach—every decision is influenced by employees to ensure their personal and professional growth, fulfillment, and happiness.


Tend company profile
Tend culture
Working at Tend

Tend is transforming the experience of going to the dentist. With dentists and hygienists their patients love, state-of-the-art technology, and beautifully designed studios, care at Tend isn’t just painless, it’s a pleasure. Instead of paying their dentists a commission on procedures, Tend pays them a competitive base salary plus a bonus based on guest satisfaction, inspiring trust by aligning the interests of patient and provider. Rethinking what dental can be takes commitment, collaboration, and lots of creativity. These are all qualities Tend looks for in its employees, whether they’re hiring a dentist in one of their studios, an operations director in NYC, or a software engineer in Nashville.

Raymond Handling Solutions

Raymond Handling Solutions company profile
Raymond Handling Solutions culture
Working at Raymond Handling Solutions

Raymond has been a leader in the material handling industry for more than 70 years. At Raymond, everyone is committed to treat one another with respect, act with integrity, and be customer-focused in all that they do. The company is a great place to build a career because there are numerous opportunities to excel and grow. All employees have the ability to advance in their positions or change roles all together, and if someone chooses to relocate, there are transfer opportunities throughout multiple locations. Employees also love working at Raymond because the company does a lot to ensure everyone knows they are appreciated, from monthly employee recognition celebrations to birthday gift cards and more.


Calendly company profile
Calendly culture
Working at Calendly

Calendly aims to become the top automated scheduling platform. That passion shapes how team members develop, design, and market the company’s product, as well as provide support for customers and each other. People at Calendly treat each other with respect and understanding, know how to prioritize, and never settle. While this is a results-driven and profitable business, revenue isn’t the only way to measure success at Calendly. Making time to learn, grow, and celebrate accomplishments also plays a big role in executing the company’s mission, building an innovative product, and retaining the best people.


McDonald’s company profile
McDonald’s culture
Working at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a people business just as much as it is a restaurant business. They strive to be the most inclusive brand in the world by building diverse teams who create delicious, feel-good moments that are easy for everyone to enjoy. Joining McDonald’s means thinking big on a daily basis and preparing for a career that can have impact around the world. Their new, state-of-the-art headquarters in downtown Chicago is set up to be a global hub that fosters innovation: Take a class at Hamburger University, sample future menu items in their Test Kitchen, and use the latest technology to stay in touch with the global team. With monthly organized events, massive outdoor spaces, an 8000-square-foot gym, and an on-site McDonald's serving international favorites, their office helps them connect with each other like never before.


Tassat company profile
Tassat culture
Working at Tassat

Tassat is a fintech company led by passionate pioneers looking to change how assets are transacted digitally at a global scale. At Tassat, employees are made up of talented engineers, market experts, and thought leaders who shape the future of a financial ecosystem. They offer a uniquely entrepreneurial, supportive culture, where ideas can come from anywhere and execution is everything. The company’s core values represent how they function on a daily basis and help guide their decision-making processes. Urgency is key: Everyone wears many hats and rolls up their sleeves to get it done. Their teams strive to be extremely transparent, organizationally flat, and open-minded. They value innovation and end results, not ranks and titles.


Chief company profile
Chief culture
Working at Chief

Chief, the private professional network for women leaders, aims to support and unite women executives and influence gender parity in business. Under the leadership of its women cofounders, the Chief team champions equal opportunities for women, people of color, and individuals from diverse educational backgrounds. Chief also provides outstanding opportunities for personal growth and responsibility at a well-capitalized startup. Employees have access to top-tier events, including private conversations with celebrities and industry icons, and workshops led by top executive coaches, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders—all while getting firsthand experience building one of the nation’s fastest-growing, mission-driven companies.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post company profile
Paperless Post culture
Working at Paperless Post

As a brand, Paperless Post provides strong design choices and tools that give users the confidence to express their identities and makes it easier for them to gather with the people they care about. As an employer, the company emphasizes resourcefulness, positivity, and improvement rather than perfection. With 10 years under its belt and over 100 employees, Paperless Post is a workplace where everyone's voice has a tremendous impact on the platform's 100 million users. A 50/50 gender split, true work-life balance, a diverse array of talent, and an increased lens on inclusion and equity are qualities that make Paperless Post a special place to work.


Alation company profile
Alation culture
Working at Alation

The team at Alation is passionate about creating a more curious and rational world by providing customers with the tools to build a data culture. Alation’s collaborative enterprise data catalog creates one place where everyone in an organization can find all the data they need to collaborate. The company mirrors that mission with a culture that values collaboration, transparency, and sharing. At Alation, everyone’s voice is valued and the team knows that answers and insights can come from anywhere. To join Alation is to join a fast-paced, high-growth company known for its curiosity, product innovation, and industry leadership.


Quanterix company profile
Quanterix culture
Working at Quanterix

As a rapidly growing life sciences company, Quanterix looks to push boundaries—and employees are rewarded for their ability to be visionaries and innovators in the field. The company’s leadership is dedicated to creating and fostering a company culture that is collaborative, transparent, and disruptive, based on their three core values: accountability, teamwork, and trust. While the team works hard, they also believe in having fun together. On top of having great benefits, Quanterix employees enjoy events like bagel Mondays, yoga, happy hours, and all-company outings. The company looks to hire ambitious, hard-working, passionate people who are dedicated to help them eradicate life-threatening diseases.

Great Oaks Charter Schools

Great Oaks Charter Schools company profile
Great Oaks Charter Schools culture
Working at Great Oaks Charter Schools

Highly effective instruction and a strong positive school culture are the keys to student success. Great Oaks is committed to recruiting and developing talented teachers, school administrators, and recent college graduates for their fellowship program through AmeriCorps. For all roles, Great Oaks seeks hard-working, tenacious people who share the belief that all students deserve a high-quality education. Excellent educators build bright futures. Join a network of exceptional teachers and leaders, dedicate a year to service with the Great Oaks Fellowship, or lay the foundation for a fulfilling career in the Great Oaks Teacher Residency.

BNB Bank

BNB Bank company profile
BNB Bank culture
Working at BNB Bank

BNB Bank is a thriving, growing, and top-ranked community bank headquartered in Suffolk County, NY. A simple axiom explains their approach: “We strive. We empower. We appreciate. We engage.” In short, the team at BNB Bank puts their best foot forward every day and raises the bar for their customers. To help make that happen, leaders give employees all the resources and support they need to offer excellent customer service—and their hard work is recognized. Every June, BNB Bank dedicates an entire week to celebrating and appreciating employees with fun activities, themed lunches, and a company-wide catered party.

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