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An inside look at one of Fisher Investments’ offices, as seen on The Muse.

No one really wants to spend time applying to jobs when food, family, and holiday cheer are top of mind. But there are plenty of good reasons to keep at it right now. Number one? Companies (like the ones on this list) are still recruiting candidates—and you could even land a solid offer by the New Year.

This list of some of our newest partners includes all kinds of cool businesses, from startups to industry heavy hitters. And thanks to our company profiles, you can get a better sense of what their workplace is all about. For example, find out what it’s like to work with recording artists at UnitedMasters, or read about the training and development programs offered at Fisher Investments.

Many of these businesses are actively hiring for all kinds of roles, from entry-level to senior management positions. And you might just find the perfect one for you in the list below.


Hootsuite company profile
Hootsuite culture
Working at Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s team believes in the power of human connection. They created Hootsuite to help people connect on social media and do amazing things together. They connect people with the communities they live in, the teams they work with, the brands they love, the customers who believe in them, and the leaders and visionaries who show them the way forward.

Hootsuite is building a diverse, inclusive, results-oriented culture—one that encourages people to be who they are and creates an environment where all employees have the opportunity to excel.


Klarna company profile
Klarna culture
Working at Klarna

​​One company. 700+ teams. Just like a startup, Klarna maximizes innovation and moves fast. To do this, they turned the traditional corporate hierarchy upside down, splitting up into hundreds of small, autonomous teams. Here, you will be challenged. Every day, they work to solve the industry’s biggest problems. It’s not always easy, but it is always rewarding. Throughout this rapid growth, is true teamwork, mentorship, trust, and collaboration.

Some companies ask you to follow their playbook. At Klarna, they ask you to write your own. Every voice matters. So no matter where you sit, you have a direct line to the action your team takes and ownership of the things you create. With their diversity of skills, perspectives, and backgrounds, they can create, innovate, and disrupt like no other. Klarna’s team reflects the world, with hundreds of nationalities, locations, races, genders, and experiences represented.

Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments company profile
Fisher Investments culture
Working at Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments is a different kind of investment firm than most others in their industry and works for a bigger purpose: bettering the investment universe by helping clients achieve their investment goals. Everyone is welcome at Fisher because they believe that to succeed, they must have an inclusive culture. They seek those who believe in the company’s mission and aren’t afraid to find better ways to help clients. They value diverse perspectives and encourage innovation. They provide ongoing development opportunities and coaching so each of their 4,500+ employees is empowered to achieve excellence and grow a unique, lifelong career.


SUSE company profile
SUSE culture
Working at SUSE

At SUSE, they celebrate the rich diversity of their team members. They encourage and expect employees to be themselves at work and embrace what makes them all unique. They value the different perspectives of everyone and the contribution that leads to achieving outstanding results. Open doesn’t just relate to being open source, but to staying open to new ideas.


UnitedMasters company profile
UnitedMasters culture
Working at UnitedMasters

Artists build cultural capital through authentic connection with audiences. UnitedMasters team believes that artists’ cultural capital is the most powerful force for creating financial capital—and defining a brand’s success or failure.

As such, they understand the cultural resonance that the UM brand must have within the artist community in order to continue to grow and connect authentically with even wider audiences. They are committed to pushing culture forward.


Highnote company profile
Highnote culture
Working at Highnote

Shape the future of Highnote, wherever you are! As a leader in building embedded finance experiences for customers, Highnote knows that it is their talented people who drive its success. The company gives its teams the space, trust, and ownership to produce their life’s best work. The three core values defining Highnote’s culture are Customer Obsession, Executional Excellence and Intentional Inclusion. Join the team and be at the forefront of building out the Highnote platform from the ground up!

Omni Interactions

Omni Interactions company profile
Omni Interactions culture
Working at Omni Interactions

Omni Interactions’ Gig Brand Ambassadors (GBAs) are independent contractors who have specialized skills in order to represent a particular brand consistently across all channels.

The company is also reinventing how gig workers are treated—improving earning opportunities and forming communities of interests, in which GBAs who share similar special skills can connect and feel a sense of belonging.


Column company profile
Column culture
Working at Column

People are everything at Column. The company’s current Columnists are wildly talented people from around the globe. At Column, they support and challenge each other. They address real problems that people face in their local communities. And they believe that they have the potential to be a generational company that will change the world as they know it.



SEO’s mission is to create a more equitable society by closing the academic and career opportunity gap for motivated young people from underserved and/or historically excluded communities. Each year, SEO programs serve more than 6,000 young people across America. The company’s committed team of over 200 people values putting people first, passion in pursuit of their life-altering mission for their program participants, the highest standard of impact at all times, and a fearlessness in the continuous improvement of their programming that actively bridges the education and career opportunity for the next generation of the world’s leaders.

Floating Point Group

Floating Point Group company profile
Floating Point Group culture
Working at Floating Point Group

Floating Point Group’s team spent years of their lives building some of the most frontier computer science systems. They’ve designed, built, and deployed natural language processing models at MIT, self-driving automobiles at Cruise, and new modes of automated data exchange at massive scale at AWS. They are a group of entrepreneurs who have founded a diverse set of businesses, from their childhood lemonade stands to massive scale SaaS platforms reaching nine-figure valuations. They founded FPG with a goal: to improve the digital asset financial system. But more importantly, to enjoy every minute of building a company, creating a culture, and shipping a product. FPG is currently and has been a profitable company for the majority of its history. The company’s most recent Series A funding was closed at $10 million.

All Web Leads Inc.

All Web Leads Inc. company profile
All Web Leads Inc. culture
Working at All Web Leads Inc.

AWLers have a work hard, play hard mentality. The work is challenging, but the reward is worth it. AWL’s core values and six words that really articulate their culture: Trust, Technology, Data, Passion, Collaboration, and—you guessed it—Winning! AWL is a people-driven business with more 1,000 people coming together to accomplish what no one person could ever do—that is the business of AWL. Their teams work out of technology-enabled platforms and have the opportunity to work in the most innovative and fastest growing industries out there today.

Here at The Muse, we partner with a lot of great companies to bring you insider looks at their offices and awesome job listings. These employers pay us to be featured on the site, but these Muse-worthy brands made this list not just because they want to be included, but because their culture, policies, and employee feedback showed us that they deserve to be.

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