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An inside look at one of King’s Hawaiian offices, as seen on The Muse.

A new job search offers the opportunity to discover amazing companies, and The Muse is a great place to scout potential employers—just take a look at this list.

The best part? When you read our company profiles, you get an inside look at what it’s really like to work there before you even apply. Love to travel? Then take a look at The Trade Desk, which flies all of its employees to a different office location each year for a week of team building (next year’s is in Singapore). Interested in the food industry? In 70 years, King’s Hawaiian has grown from a small, family-owned bakery in Hilo, Hawaii, to become a national brand with thousands of employees.

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King's Hawaiian

King's Hawaiian company profile
King's Hawaiian culture
Working at King's Hawaiian

‘Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian. And this is how we view our employees – as members of our ‘ohana.

King's Hawaiian is a family-owned company best known for our Original Hawaiian Sweet Bread. What started in 1950 as a small bakery founded by the Taira family in Hilo, Hawaii, is now a national brand with facilities located in Torrance, California, and Oakwood, Georgia. Our mission is to deliver irresistible Hawaiian food and aloha spirit, that families love everywhere, every day.

We are guided by our Aloha values of excellence, dignity, and telling it like it is in a way that can be heard. We may not be excellent all the time, but we move toward excellence and embrace the change needed to continuously improve. We believe in treating everyone with graciousness and respect. And we give feedback in a way that can be “heard” and understood by others – with honesty and kindness.

We welcome you to join our ‘ohana today.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk company profile
The Trade Desk culture
Working at The Trade Desk

We pride ourselves in a global culture that values diversity of experience and thought. Our collaborative, supportive teams work together to solve problems and unblock challenges to make digital advertising better - because the future of the open internet depends on it.

Our values define who we are and who we aspire to be: Vision, Grit, Agility, Generosity, Openness, and Full-Hearted.

We are looking for employees who align with these values and our mission to make the internet better - people who understand that how we do things is just as important as what we do.

Broadway Technology

Broadway Technology company profile
Broadway Technology culture
Working at Broadway Technology

At Broadway, we are passionate about enabling change through continuous innovation. We listen to our clients, creatively solve their hardest problems, and embrace the many challenges of rapidly evolving markets. We are made up of expert collaborators with deep domain knowledge in widely contrasting backgrounds, and we wholly believe that diversity of thought spawns' creativity. We are “One Team” commonly rooted in the values of trust, fairness, and respect; and we are unified in the goal of helping our clients succeed.

We strive to foster an open, inclusive, collaborative and employee-centric company culture, helping our employees to both advance in their careers and grow as people. As we continue to grow, we look to hire employees who inspire us and enjoy working as part of a team in a fast-moving, constantly evolving environment.


Mendaera company profile
Mendaera culture

We envision a world where handheld robotics are as common as stethoscopes, tongue depressors, and reflex hammers, enabling doctors to do more for their patients. Our team fosters a culture where curiosity, humility, honesty, action, and impact are valued. We strive to design products that have a positive impact on healthcare providers and their patients. We are self-led, high-energy, high-integrity individuals who embrace the Golden Rule. These attributes allow us to thrive in a fast paced environment. Building complex technology for healthcare is enriching, and challenging work. At the end of the day, we balance the effort required to make great products with celebratory team events, and flexible work arrangements.

Insight Global

Insight Global company profile
Insight Global culture
Working at Insight Global

This isn’t a place to simply have a job. This is the place to build a lifelong career. One that you’re proud of. One that energizes and motivates you.

At Insight Global, we all begin in the same place. We all start as recruiters to learn the business from the ground up. IG only promotes from within and we hire you based on the assumption that it’s for life. From day one, you are supported by a team of mentors to show you the ropes, provide context, tools, and guidance every step of the way. From there, the sky’s the limit. The opportunities are endless and we’ll partner with you to map your journey based on your unique potential and passion.

Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics company profile
Echo Global Logistics culture
Working at Echo Global Logistics

Echo began in 2005 with one objective—to simplify transportation management. From coast to coast, dock to dock, and across all major transportation modes, Echo Global Logistics connects businesses that need to ship their products with carriers who transport goods quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

TaxBit, Inc.

TaxBit, Inc. company profile
TaxBit, Inc. culture
Working at TaxBit, Inc.

We cover 100% of health insurance premiums for all TaxBit employees and offer unlimited PTO—take the time you need, when you need it. We also incorporate a hybrid model into our office culture. Three days a week, we work in-office and two days a week, we work remotely.

We’re committed to building an environment where all feel welcomed and inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, education, race, age, or personal characteristics.

Simon Data

Simon Data company profile
Simon Data culture
Working at Simon Data

At Simon Data, we know that our business’ success starts and ends with our people. We are a values-driven company, and believe growth comes from mutual respect, learning and development, listening to our peers, taking ownership of our success, and being committed to building strategically. We provide a flexible environment to accommodate the needs of all of our employees, which allows them to be successful without sacrificing the things in their lives that are truly important. We firmly believe that by providing an environment that is surrounded with friendly top performers who are committed to our success, great things will happen.


Graphite company profile
Graphite culture
Working at Graphite

We are a fully distributed team dedicated to optimizing productivity and performance, not time spent in the office. Connected across North America, LATAM, and Europe, we develop processes just like we do products: through iteration, measurement, and continuous improvement. Our goal is to build the best team in the world and to create an environment where you do the best work of your career.


Lumafield company profile
Lumafield culture
Working at Lumafield

At Lumafield, we empower people to do the best work of their career. Founded in 2019, we’re a growing team of engineers and innovators motivated by our mission to give never before seen insights into customer products. As our founders say, we've built the tool they always wished they had in their careers.

Our core values are Excellence, Thoughtfulness and Integrity, and we look to hire people who embody these values. As a fast growing and early stage startup, our employees are motivated by ownership. We aim to solve challenging problems because they are the most rewarding and fun! No matter the team or function you'll have a lasting impact on Lumafield's success.

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Updated 8/11/2022