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Good Apple’s New York office, as seen on The Muse.

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Whether you’re just beginning your job search or have been at it for a while now, these employers may be just what you need to get inspired. Check out the roles they’re hiring for right now.


Autodesk company profile
Autodesk culture
Working at Autodesk

Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with their software. Autodesk gives you the power to make anything.


ApplyBoard company profile
ApplyBoard culture
Working at ApplyBoard

ApplyBoard is building a movement—an education revolution. They are building a world where anyone anywhere can have access to the best education regardless of where they were born. They believe education is a right, not a privilege and they are looking for talented people from around the world to help make this vision a reality. With an exceptional team from more than 25 countries and speaking more than 50 languages, their diversity is one of their greatest strengths in addition to their core values, such as caring about each other, innovating and improving, and making work fun, to name a few. They are in hyper-growth mode and are looking to empower passionate and exceptionally talented team members.


Kinesso company profile
Kinesso culture
Working at Kinesso

Kinesso’s success is underpinned by its ability to collaborate, innovate, and grow as a team. They firmly believe they are better together, they know that their talent is their greatest asset, and they’re excited for you to help shape and strengthen their identity. Within IPG, Kinesso has the benefit of being a startup in a globally award-winning holding company—the best of both worlds. Their team is looking for like-minded individuals who embody their values of truth, togetherness, and trailblazing.

At Kinesso, they believe in integrity, respect, and equality and inclusion for all, and challenge themselves every day to stand up for what’s right. They believe the care and concern that they show for others says everything about who they are as people and as a company.


Gloat company profile
Gloat culture
Working at Gloat

Joining the Gloat team means joining a group of trailblazing, mission-driven, passionate individuals who are committed to changing the way the world works. They believe that people—and businesses—can do and be anything if they can look beyond the structures and hierarchies holding them back. Join them in making that vision a reality and be a part of a rapidly growing startup that is empowering employees at the world’s largest enterprises to take charge of their own careers, professional growth, and skill development. Like the talent marketplace they pioneered, Gloat’s team embraces diverse skill sets and perspectives and encourages Gloaters to tackle complex challenges, collaborate without limits, and learn something new every day—making sure they’re having fun along the way.

Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards company profile
Burton Snowboards culture
Working at Burton Snowboards

Burton is a purpose-led brand rooted in snowboarding and the outdoors. The company fights for the future of the sport, people, and planet. Burton’s team aims to maximize their positive social impact and minimize their negative environmental impact while delivering high-quality performance products. Burton’s success lies in its people. The company offers employees opportunities to shape the future of snowboarding, learn new skills, and build successful careers in an inclusive workplace. They value unique perspectives and diverse talent. The things that make you different, make them better.

Every job has its perks. Obviously, snowboarding is one of theirs. They get discounted season passes, steep discounts on gear, free lessons, and a casual work environment. Learn more about Burton Snowboards here.


Bitso company profile
Bitso culture
Working at Bitso

The crypto ecosystem changes each minute. At Bitso, they are not just reacting to it—they are driving it. They are fearless pioneers committed to designing the future of financial services. While developing tools that bring crypto to everyday life, they continuously solve complex problems and openly welcome challenges.


Carbyne company profile
Carbyne culture
Working at Carbyne

Carbyne is a team of builders, thinkers, and collaborators on a mission to bring emergency services into the 21st century. They saw a disparity between the ability to hail a car with our phones, video chat with our families, or text with anyone in the world, and our ability to do those things when our lives are on the line. Their team works passionately and creatively to build a life-saving platform for 911 dispatchers that brings game-changing capabilities to people in crisis, such as live video, instant chat, and caller location. What gets them up in the morning? Working with values-driven people who strive to make emergency services better for citizens.

Crescent Bank

Crescent Bank company profile
Crescent Bank culture
Working at Crescent Bank

Crescent Bank’s employees learn and grow every day under the direction of the company’s five core values: Be a Team Player, Continuously Improve, Do the Right Thing, Put the Customer First, and Take Ownership.

Sealed, Inc

Sealed, Inc company profile
Sealed, Inc culture
Working at Sealed, Inc

Sealed has a unique product that tackles big challenges in the energy efficiency and home renovation industry. Its team gets to positively impact the environment and help people improve their quality of life. Creativity and collaboration are highly valued so everyone feels like they’re contributing. The company also encourages its team to understand the root causes of problems and to try solutions from new angles. Being curious, inquisitive, and persistent in overcoming obstacles are central values at Sealed.

Sealed promotes healthy living both in and out of the office with programs like yoga classes and workout clubs. They are working fully remote until COVID-19 rates of infection abate.


Signpost company profile
Signpost culture
Working at Signpost

Founded in 2010, Signpost helps local service businesses attract, communicate with, and grow their client base. With investments from HighBar Partners, OpenView Venture Partners, Scout Ventures, and Google Ventures, Signpost is growing and looking to add talent across all their departments. At Signpost, they value each employee and work together collaboratively to leverage everyone’s unique experiences and skill sets.

EarnUp Inc

EarnUp Inc company profile
EarnUp Inc culture
Working at EarnUp Inc

EarnUp is fearlessly challenging a broken system by obsessing over its customer happiness. The company’s customer-centric mission is to enable millions of borrowers to easily manage their money and improve their financial well-being. EarnUp’s employees share the company’s values and mission, and they foster a diverse and inclusive environment of exceptional people.

Good Apple

Good Apple company profile
Good Apple culture
Working at Good Apple

As an Apple, you have a unique opportunity to truly create the destiny and pathway that fuels you and drives you to deliver the best results for your clients. Whether you’re stepping off the elevator each day or logging on from home, you are greeted with an energy and passion that is hard to match. The opportunities to grow are really limitless. Being an Apple means driving your career growth through innovation and the relationships you create with internal teams, partners, and clients.

Nifty’s Inc

Nifty’s Inc company profile
Nifty’s Inc culture
Working at Nifty’s Inc

The people at Nifty’s are innovators, creators, and strategic thinkers. They’re looking for individuals who are driven, creative, and thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. Their work and success is based on the experience and talent brought by individuals into the seamless collaboration between teams. People who thrive at Nifty’s are comfortable and excited about defining the future of engagement with NFTs, so they have to chart their own course forward. They look for team members that are ready to raise their hands and volunteer to lead and support coworkers when it is their turn—without ego.


Silvertree company profile
Silvertree culture
Working at Silvertree

Unified by a desire to help the underserved aging population, the team at Silvertree practices compassion and empathy in everything that they do. They meet people where they are, not where they want them to be. The company’s mission is to inspire older adults to continue living their best, most active lives without having to sacrifice their sense of self.

Cello Health Insight

Cello Health Insight company profile
Cello Health Insight culture
Working at Cello Health Insight

Founded in 1983 in London, Cello Health Insight has become the global market research arm of the larger Cello Health Group. Drawing on wide resources, Cello Health Insight devises research initiatives for clients, providing a multi-lensed perspective to find the best approaches to the complex and evolving challenges at the cutting edge of healthcare.

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