It’s a little early for presents, but we’ll give you one anyways (just because we like you): Lifehacker tipped us off on a great deal: A popular $45 course on “How to Stop Procrastination and Double Your Productivity” is now available on YouTube for free.

Why, you ask? Maybe personal development expert Kosio Angelov was feeling generous one day, or maybe the stars are just aligning, but we couldn’t be happier about it. In seven videos (technically eight with the bonus video), Angelov will walk you through the psychology behind procrastination, how to get motivated, how to develop small habits over time, and how to create a 30-day plan to eliminate procrastination from your vocabulary.

While a great chance to set those New Year’s Resolutions (and actually follow through on them), Angelov’s course isn’t the only opportunity to jump on the free education train.

Plenty of online courses come at no cost at all, and YouTube offers tons of great tutorials on skills like Excel and Photoshop. Plus, as you know, The Muse is chock full of information too on boosting your skills. For example, this article on Excel shortcuts, this one on photography tips, or this one on becoming a better public speaker.

Long story short, improving yourself is just one click away. And because there’s no price tag you have no excuse not to at least click once.

(And for those of you who just came here to procrastinate, here are some funny videos that’ll instantly brighten your day—enjoy!)

Photo of person procrastinating courtesy of xavierarnau/Getty Images.

Updated 6/19/2020