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1. Intel

Intel is the world’s leading data-centric company. Partnering closely with their customers, Intel leverages a legacy of technical leadership with a future vision to create a world where the full potential of data is unlocked. Intel is fearless and brings the brightest minds together from across the company and around the world to deliver the necessary advances in performance, power, and connectivity across a diversity of data-centric workloads that will transform industries and impact lives. Together, they enable amazing experiences in 5G, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, and so much more.

2. Niantic

Niantic is the world’s leading augmented reality (AR) company with an initial focus on augmented reality games. By creating mobile, AR, location-based games such as Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and their flagship title Ingress, they’ve encouraged people to exercise, discover new places, and meet new people. Niantic and its employees passionately believe that their platform technology is changing the way people play, interact, and connect and that AR will continue to lead the transformation by uniting the digital and physical worlds.

3. MediaCom

MediaCom’s mission is to help brands tell their story in an authentic way that also allows them to stay relevant and meaningful. MediaCom team members are down-to-earth, committed, curious, and believe in putting people first. And the company is truly invested in the growth of its team, offering tailored training programs and promoting other networking and development opportunities. By empowering its employees, MediaCom empowers its clients, too.

4. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is made up of a diverse team of smart, curious, and committed people united in the mission to help build a better Internet. The team embraces an inclusive work environment and a culture of openness, collaboration, and transparency. The company is growing quickly and looking to hire in a range of departments—from engineering to sales to marketing—in offices across the globe.

5. Verb Surgical

Verb Surgical, along with physicians and administrators, is creating the future of surgery—a future with improved patient outcomes, better information, and greater hospital efficiency around the world. Verbs are action words that are known for connecting someone who does something with something that needs doing. Verb Surgical's actions will connect surgeons to an end-to-end platform for surgery.

6. Atrium

Atrium is reinventing the way legal services are delivered by combining modern technology and operational efficiency to deliver fast, transparent, and price predictable services to high-growth startups. Atrium provides employees a unique opportunity to collaborate and learn from teams that are not traditionally found in a law firm like sales, marketing, and engineering.

7. Lob

Lob is automating the offline world. Businesses use Lob’s APIs to programmatically create and deliver transactional and marketing direct mail—turning it from a slow, manual process into a timely, relevant, and personalized communication channel. Lobsters—employees at Lob—enjoy a relaxed work environment where curiosity is harnessed for professional and personal growth.

8. Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops is a trend forecasting agency that serves designers, buyers, merchandisers, and marketers in an array of verticals. They want to inspire their clients and empower them to harness future trends, make smart decisions, and produce better products. To do this, they collect information on macro trends and cultural shifts and help brands connect the dots from culture to product.

9. VMware Carbon Black

Carbon Black is now part of VMware. Founded in 2002, VMware Carbon Black is a leading endpoint security company dedicated to protecting the world from cyberattacks. They offer different solutions—including both on-premise and cloud options—that protect people from cyber threats, ensuring all data and information is secure. VMware Carbon Black serves over 5,600 global customers of various sizes and verticals, and went public in 2018.

10. Aira

Aira empowers a network of trained, professional agents to remotely assist people who are blind or have low vision with virtually any task, at any time. Every day, the team learns how to harness the power of leading-edge technologies to serve an inspiring community of users. Aira's vision is bold. Its mission is clear. Aira agents are passionate and driven, celebrating their successes with vigor. If having a social impact, changing the world, and loving your job sounds appealing, talk to Aira. Aira agents work remotely from home, and as contractors have the freedom of a flexible schedule.
Aira is committed to hiring exceptional individuals in 2019. See more here!

11. Pearl Capital

Pearl Capital is a leader in alternative small business financing. They provide funding to credit challenged and hard-to-finance companies through an innovative use of underwriting technology. Pearl has provided financing to businesses over 23,000 times since starting operations in 2010. Their technology is consistently improving to continue providing capital solutions in a fast and efficient way. Pearl maintains a high standard of transparency and values honest business practices above all.

12. Kenna Security

Founded in 2010, Kenna Security delivers a SaaS cybersecurity platform that helps enterprises quantify and manage cyber risk. The Kenna Security Platform uses machine learning algorithms to correlate global threats with customer’s internal applications and technologies to measure their true risk, predict attacks, and prioritize remediation. Kenna Security has clients across all verticals and sizes—from the financial industry, to airline carriers, to retail, and more—and helping those clients reduce their risk is a rewarding experience for employees.

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