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5 Brainteasers That'll Remind You That the Obvious Solution Isn't Always the Right One

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What weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound of gold?

Trick question. Though the answer is right there, people tend to say gold (and say it while rolling their eyes)—after all, gold is heavy and feathers are light.

After years of learning to think logically and strategically, our brains are conditioned to process information in a certain way. The downside to this is that it can prevent us from seeing what is right in front of our faces. And that can definitely be problematic in a job that requires you to constantly think on your feet and come up with new solutions. It’s hard to be innovative when your brain’s always on the lookout for the fastest, easiest, and most obvious answer.

A good way to see how often you get stuck in the trap of not really thinking hard questions through is to take this quiz video below and see how you do. Trust me: It’s harder than it looks.

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