Feel like you need to give your creative muscles a good stretch?

Look no further, because these 16 companies all see the value in giving their employees room to push the boundaries and try things a little differently. They’re never content with the status quo, and encourage team members to think big and then pursue those ideas.

If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, your luck doesn’t end there. Every single one of these creative companies is hiring right now. So, polish up that resume of yours and prepare to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Taco Bell

Taco Bell company profile
Taco Bell culture
Working at Taco Bell

Offering customizable tacos, burritos, and other craveable choices, Taco Bell is the nation’s leading Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant brand. From breakfast to late night, Taco Bell’s tasty and ever-evolving menu provides options to fit every lifestyle. However, Taco Bell is about more than just building restaurants—the brand connects with its fans through sports, gaming, and new music, and serves the community through its 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Taco Bell Foundation.

The Taco Bell office is packed with creative people who are passionate about building great restaurants, delighting customers, and connecting with fans through all sorts of initiatives. Another thing that encourages out-of-the-box thinking? Taco Bell’s emphasis on learning and growth, including tuition reimbursement and several scholarship opportunities for higher education.

2. Lever

Lever company profile
Lever culture
Working at Lever

Lever builds powerful, modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. By making recruiting collaborative, seamless, and, above all, human, Lever is on a mission to help the world hire with conviction.

Lever aims to build upon technology that’s already been rolled out by holding quarterly planning sessions. What may sound like stuffy meetings is actually a highly anticipated event that allows internal teams to see the effects of past projects and to pitch new ideas. The goal is to use these ideas to design differentiating features.

3. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment company profile
Blizzard Entertainment culture
Working at Blizzard Entertainment

Founded in 1991 by three graduates of UCLA, Blizzard Entertainment has evolved over the years to become one of the most recognizable and respected names in gaming. With over 4,700 employees worldwide, Blizzard continues to redefine the industry—from pioneering esports and improving AAA franchises to creating all-new titles for players of all interests. Based on a culture of individuality, creativity, and growth, Blizzard Entertainment is an excellent place to build a career in entertainment.

Just one look at the artwork-covered walls of the Blizzard Entertainment office, and you know this is a company that values creativity. The company encourages employees to push the boundaries of their imaginations through various innovative learning opportunities. “Blizzard offers excellent, evolving, and enriching opportunities for professional development and learning—from our Academy of focused coursework to our Slash-learn speaker sessions, featuring famous authors and artists,” says Ely Cannon, Lead Environment Artist, WoW.

4. HP

HP company profile
HP culture
Working at HP

HP aims to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. By engineering experiences that amaze, HP has a legacy of pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver life-enriching, world-changing innovations at every turn. The company believes that the ultimate driver of its success has been and will always be the power of its people—HP considers its diverse, inclusive global community of employees to be one of its greatest strengths and what truly differentiates it in the marketplace.

HP is innovative all around. Need an example? Just look at the company’s Boise office. There’s a designated area—Makerspace—where employees are given tools, technologies, and supplies to tinker, invent, and collaborate. The campus also has an annual "Bring Your Inventor to Work Day," which invites the children of employees to campus to participate in a full day of interactive events led, hosted, and staffed by employee volunteers.

5. Slack

Slack company profile
Slack culture
Working at Slack

Slack is a layer of the business technology stack that brings together people, data, and applications – a single place where people can effectively work together, find important information, and access hundreds of thousands of critical applications and services to do their best work. From global Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, businesses and teams of all kinds use Slack to bring the right people together with all the right information.

According to employees, one of the attributes they enjoy most while working at Slack is the reality that all ideas receive equal consideration and appreciation across the team. Individuals are respectfully recognized for their contributions and everyone works together toward the common goal of making the company a better place and creating the best products possible.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox company profile
Dropbox culture
Working at Dropbox

Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace that helps people and teams focus on the work that matters. With more than 600 million registered users across 180 countries, the company is on a mission to design a more enlightened way of working. Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and has 12 offices around the world.

Dropbox knows no bounds when it comes to pushing the envelope—both as a company and for individual employees. “My comfort zone is constantly pushed here,” says Constance Duong, Software Engineer. As a company whose mission is to simplify the way people work together, Dropbox cultivates a rich employee culture that values diversity, hard work, and the creativity to solve problems for millions of creators and innovators around the world.

7. First Look Media

First Look Media company profile
First Look Media culture
Working at First Look Media

First Look Media is a combination of entertainment and journalism—uniquely structured as a hybrid for-profit commercial business and a non-profit operation, both with the shared goal of influencing culture and society through stories of consequence.

The very mission of First Look Media has creativity at its core. The company plays a critical role in the digital space by lifting up the voices of many who wouldn’t otherwise be heard. By offering young, talented, and often outspoken creators a vehicle through which to deliver a progressive message, First Look Media amplifies the voices of individuals dealing with significant social issues.

8. Philips

Philips company profile
Philips culture
Working at Philips

Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and well-being. For over 125 years, Philips has leveraged advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. The company is a leader in consumer health, home care, diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, and health informatics. Philips employs over 17,000 employees across 50 offices in North America, all working to help create a healthier society.

And with a brand promise of "Innovation and You," Philips doesn't just think of innovation as fun, they use innovation to change lives. Whether that's creating new products based on the latest technology or using unique marketing tactics, Philips takes innovation seriously.

9. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) company profile
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) culture
Working at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was formed in 1908 as the nation’s premier federal law enforcement agency. Today, the organization is one of 17 government agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community, protecting millions of Americans around the clock. The FBI also consists of several departments—including counterterrorism, counterintelligence, criminal investigation, and cybersecurity. The mission of the FBI is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Don't worry, they're not all super serious like the reputation that precedes them. In fact, employees come from all different backgrounds, and the agency works to fit each person with the branch that will best fit their unique skill set.

10. Take-Two Interactive Software

Take-Two Interactive Software company profile
Take-Two Interactive Software culture
Working at Take-Two Interactive Software

Headquartered in New York City, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is a leading developer, publisher and marketer of interactive entertainment for consumers around the globe. The Company develops and publishes products principally through its wholly-owned labels Rockstar Games and 2K, as well as its new Private Division label and Social Point, a leading developer of mobile games. Our products are designed for console systems and personal computers, including smartphones and tablets, and are delivered through physical retail, digital download, online platforms and cloud streaming services.

In order to build video games and other interactive entertainment all day, employees need to be able to flex some serious creative muscles. Fortunately, Take-Two empowers them to do just that with a supportive leadership style and plenty of developmental opportunities that team members can take advantage of—including customized learning itineraries and access to e-learning modules.

11. Squarespace

Squarespace company profile
Squarespace culture
Working at Squarespace

Squarespace empowers millions of people—from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses—to share their stories and create an impactful, stylish, and easy-to-manage online presence. Squarespace’s team of more than 950 is headquartered in downtown New York City, with offices in Dublin and Portland. To learn more about our opportunities, click here.

At Squarespace, the entire team is passionate about the company’s mission to make beautiful products that help creative ideas succeed. “There’s a willingness to go the extra mile to build something extraordinary. Everyone here wants to do something special,” says Squarespace’s Director of Product Design.

12. CarGurus

CarGurus company profile
CarGurus culture
Working at CarGurus

CarGurus believes a transparent car shopping experience is better for shoppers and sellers alike, and more than 20 million unique monthly visitors to the site and mobile app agree. Headquartered outside Boston, CarGurus blends the feel of a startup with proven business acumen and sustainable growth. The team’s passion for data drives new product development and engineering breakthroughs.

Many employees consider the management style of CarGurus a breath of fresh air because it falls outside of the typical “corporate” mold. It’s supportive, readily available, and hands-on. Senior management is open and accessible, and trusts employees to do their best without micromanagement. The flexibility and personal investment from employees fosters a community atmosphere where everybody feels inspired to think outside of the box.

13. CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive company profile
CBS Interactive culture
Working at CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive carries the entertainment and information torch into the digital age by capitalizing on the company’s tradition of making riveting stories accessible beyond print pages or television screens. The premium content network tops charts as a global Top 10 Web Property, with diverse signature brands that cover everything from entertainment and technology to niche interests and sports.

At CBS Interactive, teams are small and nimble, which allows employees to get things done quickly without hitting bureaucratic roadblocks. “We love the freedom to do our jobs our own way. We love the freedom to explore and test new ideas. And we love having the flexibility to do all of that,” says Farid Kazimi, Director, Project Management, CBS.com.

14. Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott company profile
Kendra Scott culture
Working at Kendra Scott

Founded on family, fashion, and philanthropy, Kendra Scott believes that its employees and customers are the heart and soul of its brand and that giving back is the truest form of success. Kendra Scott's culture puts family first, constantly pushes the boundaries of fashion and design, and authentically values giving back and making a difference in the community. Those three pillars have become the foundation of its culture, and are what set the company apart. Kendra Scott offers an array of career opportunities at its Austin HQ as well as retail locations across the country.

The management style at Kendra Scott can best be described as nurturing—with leaders who encourage entrepreneurship and autonomy. Performance metrics matter, but employees get to help shape them and define the team’s success, which means anyone can get creative and contribute ideas in line with the company’s goals.

15. Method

Method company profile
Method culture
Working at Method

Method is on a mission to fight dirty. Started by roommates Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan in the dirtiest apartment in San Francisco, the company has created a revolutionary line of naturally derived, biodegradable household cleaners, laundry products, and personal care products that are safe for people and for the planet. Method’s mission is to inspire a happy, healthy home revolution—with its safe and beautiful products that clean like heck, smell like heaven, and are beautiful enough to never need to be hidden underneath the sink.

Unorthodox and creative are two qualities Method looks for in employees. In fact, during the interview process, candidates are asked “How will you keep Method weird?” Letting their employees embrace their creative sides is important. “We have a great team. My questions or crazy ideas are always explored and listened to,” says Mia Croft, Arts and Crafts Designer.

16. Tribune Publishing

Tribune Publishing company profile
Tribune Publishing culture
Working at Tribune Publishing

Tribune Publishing is a media company rooted in award-winning journalism. Headquartered in Chicago, Tribune Publishing operates local media businesses in eight markets with titles including the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, The Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, South Florida's Sun-Sentinel, Virginia's Daily Press, The Virginian-Pilot, The Morning Call of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, and the Hartford Courant.
Its brands are committed to informing, inspiring, and engaging local communities. The company creates and distributes content across its media portfolio, offering integrated marketing, media, and business services to consumers and advertisers, including digital solutions and advertising opportunities.

Tronc fosters an environment of collaboration, curiosity, and innovation. Its culture reflects its expansive audience, diverse brands, and experienced talent that creates, distributes, and monetizes its valuable content. Whether it’s continuing its tradition of exceptional journalism or implementing new digital strategies, Tronc is a one-stop media organization, providing creative solutions and service for consumers.

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Updated 6/24/2021