Supportive leadership, a cool culture, and awesome perks. Ideally, they’re all things you’d like to find in your next employer.

But, what’s another thing you’d love to have? Meaning. You don’t want to just roll into the office every day, check off your to-do list, and then head home. You’re looking for work that fulfills you, and you want to know that you’re not only making a difference at your company—but in the world.

Think that sounds too good to be true? Think again. We’ve pulled together 20 companies that are the total package. And, even better, they’re all hiring right now!

1. GSK

GSK company profile
GSK culture
Working at GSK

GSK dedicates itself to creating a healthier population the whole world over by researching and developing a broad range of innovative products in pharmaceutical, vaccine, and consumer healthcare arenas. The company boasts commercial operations in more than 150 countries, as well as 89 manufacturing sites and R&D centers in the UK, US, and Belgium.

“Being at a company like GSK means that I can make a difference in the global perspective—that’s what drives me,” explains one of GSK’s Medical Affairs Managers. It’s that very mission of creating a healthier population across the entire world that motivates every single one of the company’s team members. And, while employees definitely work hard to achieve this inspiring purpose, they still enjoy a relaxed culture that encourages fun and collaboration.

2. Facebook

Facebook company profile
Facebook culture
Working at Facebook

Facebook connects billions of people around the world, giving them ways to share what matters most to them. People who work at Facebook are builders at heart, whether they're creating new products or making tools so a business can expand its reach. Facebook's global teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower people around the world to connect in meaningful ways.

With a mission of making the world more open, Facebook has been critical in changing how people communicate, designing products and delivering services that create a more human world. The company’s team members are incredibly connected to that mission. “As employees, we all feel like we own and affect all the experiences at Facebook,” adds Peter Cottle, Software Engineer.

3. Stantec

Stantec company profile
Stantec culture
Working at Stantec

The Stantec community unites 22,000 employees in over 400 locations across six continents. Employees collaborate across disciplines and industries to bring buildings, energy, and resource, environmental, water, and infrastructure projects to life. Beginning at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships, the company's engineers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, surveyors, environmental scientists, construction managers, project managers, and project economists are involved—from initial project concept and planning through design construction, commissioning, maintenance, decommissioning, and remediation.

Stantec commits itself to the communities in which it works, ultimately leaving a lasting impact on both people and the planet. And, while the company works to build a better world, employees are also encouraged to give back on an individual basis. Team members participate in everything from student mentoring through STEM programs to raising resources for disaster relief efforts around the world.

4. Mosaic

Mosaic company profile
Mosaic culture
Working at Mosaic

Mosaic is a solar finance company that provides financing for residential solar systems. Mosaic's vision, 100% clean energy for all, embodies the desire to create shared prosperity through clean energy and to help millions of people invest in themselves, in their homes, and in the future of the planet.

Every single employee is equally passionate about Mosaic’s vision of 100% clean energy for all, and they work hard to make strides in the energy industry. However, it’s not all work and no play in the Mosaic offices. With a collaborative atmosphere, locally sourced organic coffee, and plenty of healthy snacks available, team members genuinely enjoy their time spent at work.

5. Circa Healthcare

Circa Healthcare company profile
Circa Healthcare culture
Working at Circa Healthcare

Circa Healthcare focuses efforts on the animal healthcare industry, but serves the needs of a range of other players as well—including pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and biotechnology companies. Circa Healthcare helps clients manage brand strategy and marketing and develops advertising that’s both creative and engaging—whether it’s in print or interactive digital media.

Because Circa Healthcare focuses its efforts on the animal healthcare industry, the company’s team full of animal lovers feels incredibly inspired by the work they do each day. “Because we're helping animals, which we all love, we feel it's worth the time and effort—and it's really fulfilling,” shares Lee Perkins, Copywriter.

6. Yotpo

Yotpo company profile
Yotpo culture
Working at Yotpo

Yotpo provides an advanced eCommerce marketing platform with solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals. They proudly serve thousands of brands including Away Travel, Glossier, Steve Madden, Brooklinen, and UNTUCkit. An official partner to Google, Facebook, and Shopify, Yotpo has raised $101 million in funding and employs over 350 employees globally. Yotpo is an employee-first company with a focus on diversity and inclusion, and offers solid benefits including monthly catered lunches, a stocked kitchen and bar, 401K matching, generous PTO, health insurance, company outings, and so much more!

While Yotpo’s employees get tons of fulfillment from helping businesses gain visibility online, many team members feel most inspired by the fact that their own success is dependent on the success of the colleagues around them, as well as the businesses they assist. As a result, Yotpo has fostered a collaborative culture that’s big on celebrating each other’s wins—as evidenced by the fridge that’s always stocked with champagne.

7. Galileo

Galileo company profile
Galileo culture
Working at Galileo

Since 2002, Galileo has inspired collaborative ways to excel by making educational summer camp programs available within communities. Galileo strives to boost creativity and innovation in children by nurturing and exploring their intellectual talents. The potential of each individual camper is brilliantly shaped by excellent teams of instructors, counselors, and interns—using out-of-the-box learning tools that incorporate art, science, technology, and outdoor play.

It’s not hard to see why working at Galileo would be incredibly rewarding. But, mission aside, the company’s employees feel equally fulfilled by Galileo’s emphasis on serving the community. From an ongoing commitment to reserving 7% of camper spaces for low-income kids to working with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative on expanding educational impact—it's easy to see why team members are proud to say they work for Galileo.

8. InfoCision

InfoCision company profile
InfoCision culture
Working at InfoCision

InfoCision is a leading telemarketing enterprise with over 30 call centers spanning several states, including Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Its dedicated team of more than 3,000 employees work tirelessly 24/7 to provide extensive customer service, sales, and non-profit fundraising efforts to the world’s most notable brands and institutions, such as St. Jude and Verizon.

If you think telemarketing is all about sleazy phone calls during the dinner hour, InfoCision will challenge everything you thought you knew. Its dedicated team of more than 3,000 employees work tirelessly 24/7 to provide extensive customer service, sales, and even non-profit fundraising efforts to the world’s most notable brands—meaning employees pack up and leave their desks each day knowing that they did some good.

12. The Trium Group

The Trium Group company profile
The Trium Group culture
Working at The Trium Group

Trium is a management consulting firm that helps clients solve complex organizational and leadership challenges. With a belief that the drivers of success lie in trust, relationship, and mindset, Trium works to connect human dynamics to issues of strategy, culture, and process. Boutique by design, The Trium Group is committed to making an impact by helping companies achieve meaningful change.

Trium’s culture is built on its mission to change the world by changing the way business leaders think. That purpose is supported by the team’s emphasis on its own core values, which include responsibility, authenticity, persistence in mission, possibility, and relationship. “I feel way more in touch with who I am as a human being since I started working here,” adds Kent Harrel, Consultant.

13. Philips

Philips company profile
Philips culture
Working at Philips

Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and well-being. For over 125 years, Philips has leveraged advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. The company is a leader in consumer health, home care, diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring, and health informatics. Philips employs over 17,000 employees across 50 offices in North America, all working to help create a healthier society.

As you might guess, a focus on improving people’s health and well-being is rewarding for all of Philips’ employees. Beyond that, team members love that—despite the fact that Philips is a large company—it has the soul of the small one. The organization places a huge emphasis on the importance of culture, even going so far as to establish a Cultural Change Group, which is constantly looking for new ways to improve the office environment.

14. First Look Media

First Look Media company profile
First Look Media culture
Working at First Look Media

First Look Media is a combination of entertainment and journalism—uniquely structured as a hybrid for-profit commercial business and a non-profit operation, both with the shared goal of influencing culture and society through stories of consequence.

By cultivating both emerging and established voices, the team at First Look Media uncovers and delivers compelling content to further the company’s vision of supporting independent storytelling. And, that’s a mission that all employees feel strongly about. “I love what First Look Media stands for. I was excited to join a company that had a mission and mantra to support independent creators,” shares Nicolas Borenstein, Director of Scripted Programming and Content.

15. Ceterus

Ceterus company profile
Ceterus culture
Working at Ceterus

Ceterus empowers small business entrepreneurs with done-for-you accounting and benchmarked reporting. Ceterus’ Edge system automates entries into QuickBooks Online and aggregates financial data to provide peer benchmarked reporting. The company pairs technology with people to deliver a one stop solution for entrepreneurs, saving business owners time and money. More than just a tool, Ceterus is a complete bookkeeping solution.

“It makes you feel great to be able to help these small business owners spend their time on their businesses instead of their books,” says Michael Murray, Sales Associate. At Ceterus, accounting professionals love that they have the opportunity to use their talents while enjoying the exciting atmosphere of a technology startup—including flexible schedules and fun company outings.

17. Dropbox

Dropbox company profile
Dropbox culture
Working at Dropbox

At Dropbox, people collaborate in small, fluid teams with the autonomy to solve audacious technical challenges and create products that simplify the way people work together. “Everyone at Dropbox has a very high sense of ownership and accountability,” says Clayton January on the Channel Sales team in Austin.”Everyone keeps up their end of the bargain and you can also trust they are aiming higher and pushing the limits.”

Whether it’s helping scientists share data to find cures for complex diseases, bringing designers and marketers together to create sales campaigns, or filmmakers working on a rough cut, Dropbox is the glue that ties together creators and innovators around the world. With a network of 3.3 billion sharing connections and over a billion files saved every day on Dropbox, your potential for impact is huge.

18. San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle company profile
San Francisco Chronicle culture
Working at San Francisco Chronicle

With honest, fearless, and startlingly original reporting, the San Francisco Chronicle delivers its discerning readers engaging news and entertainment stories from the Bay Area. As one of the largest newspapers in northern California, the Chronicle prides itself on bringing readers world-class journalism that’s bolder, brighter, and more fearless than the rest.

The team at the Chronicle goes beyond just writing about problems and aims to find solutions. In fact, raising awareness about important issues in the community is something that fills many of the employees at the Chronicle with pride. The newspaper recently spearheaded the San Francisco Homeless Project, which has brought together more than 80 media outlets across the city to cover stories on the causes of and solutions for homelessness.

19. Virid

Virid company profile
Virid culture
Working at Virid

Virid is a team of e-commerce experts providing a comprehensive technology solution for growing retailers. Virid's unique offering includes a proprietary enterprise-grade hosted e-commerce platform, website development and integrations, and ongoing technical and strategic support from a results-oriented team.

Leadership at Virid always makes sure to emphasize that the work of each individual employee matters. Aside from knowing that they’re making an impact on the big picture, Virid team members also love the room to grow within the company—and the supportive managers that help them get there. “We all wear a lot of hats here, so you don’t have to seek out a new company for career growth or change,” explains Megan Lilly, Account and Marketing Management.

20. G5

G5 company profile
G5 culture
Working at G5

As the leader in real estate marketing optimization, G5 is a predictive marketing SaaS company that uses AI and other emerging technologies to help marketers amplify their impact. Through its Intelligent Marketing Cloud, G5 delivers unrivaled scalability and results through predictive analytics, 1:1 customer journeys, hyper-personalized customer experiences, and continuous spend optimization. With over a decade of experience across more than 7,000 properties throughout the U.S. and Canada, G5 was recently named one of the fastest-growing private U.S. companies by Inc. magazine and one of North America’s fastest-growing technology companies by Deloitte.

G5 team members really have a say and are empowered to take ownership of their work. Management is hands-off—leaders communicate the issues clients have, but coming up with suitable and creative solutions is done by the staff actually producing the work. This flexible approach makes for a workplace that employees enjoy coming back to.

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