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LabCorp’s office as seen on The Muse.

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This list of employers features businesses of all sizes and in all types of industries, from global neuroscience pioneer Biogen to the small-but-mighty nonprofit AnitaB.org, which supports women in tech. The best part? When you read our company profiles, you get an inside look at what it’s like to work there. For example, you can find out what drives  employees to succeed at a mission-driven company like Bowery Farming, or learn more about one of LabCorp’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

No one company is the same, just as you are not like any other applicant. And you might just find your ideal fit—and your next job—by checking out the list below.


LabCorp company profile
LabCorp culture
Working at LabCorp

How many people can say they improve health and the lives of patients around the world? LabCorp employees are doing just that every day. Working together across many disciplines, LabCorp’s global team of exceptional people push new boundaries to empower better healthcare. No matter the role, LabCorp employees are motivated to make an impact from discovery to diagnosis to delivery.


Zwift company profile
Zwift culture
Working at Zwift

Zwift is on a mission to make more people more active, more often. Where world-class talent can do their best work while having fun. Elevating teammates and looking within to always level up is deep in Zwift’s DNA. Zwift’s inclusive, “One Zwift for All” value is something that is worked on daily. And bringing your authentic voice is expected. Ready to join our growing community?


Medium company profile
Medium culture
Working at Medium

Humans have never had it so good. The information at people’s fingertips is unprecedented. But it can get drowned out in an endless glut of noise. It’s getting harder to read things—and write things—that actually matter. That’s why Medium exists.

Medium’s mission is to move thinking forward on the urgent issues shaping today and the next 100 years through honest, reflective conversation. Medium is looking for teammates who are galvanized by this challenge, who dare to root for the underdog, who are deeply thoughtful and empathetic, and who love that words still mean something. Sound like you? Medium may be your next right place.

Nestlé Waters

Nestlé Waters company profile
Nestlé Waters culture
Working at Nestlé Waters

Nestlé Waters is a leading hydration company dedicated to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. The company is committed to creating new possibilities for consumers, communities, and people’s careers. Everyone is part of a cycle, and sustainability is how Nestlé Waters keeps it flowing forward. Whether someone is looking for an internship, a driving job, or the next step in their career, they can find their purpose with Nestlé Waters.


Robinhood company profile
Robinhood culture
Working at Robinhood

Robinhood was founded on a simple idea: that our financial markets should be accessible to all. With customers at the heart of our decisions, Robinhood is lowering barriers, removing fees, and providing greater access to financial information. Together, we are building products and services that help create a financial system everyone can participate in.

We’re looking for more growth-minded and collaborative people to be a part of our journey in democratizing finance for all. Check out our open positions—we can’t wait to hear from you.


Biogen company profile
Biogen culture
Working at Biogen

Biogen’s commitment to transforming patient lives by pioneering and leading in neuroscience further underscores their impact in a field with many unmet medical needs. Team members work alongside the best and brightest colleagues from all backgrounds who share an unparalleled passion for caring deeply, working fearlessly, and changing lives. Biogen seeks the best talent with rare and unique skill sets to fuel its innovation and in return offers employees the opportunity to grow and contribute in a niche field. The company is committed to its employees, diversity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming company profile
Bowery Farming culture
Working at Bowery Farming

Right outside of cities, Bowery Farming grows wildly flavorful, sustainable, and safe produce indoors. This is a mission-driven team of creative builders, problem-solvers, and activators. Every day, they’re reimagining farming from the ground up to eradicate trade-offs between quality and quantity, sustainability and scale, and healthy and delicious when it comes to the food people eat. At Bowery, staffers have a unique opportunity to find success at a business that aligns their professional goals with their personal interests in food and sustainability. This company fosters a collaborative culture where individuals choose to opt in, think wildly different, break barriers together, and be kind to the core every single day.

Affinity Health Plan

Affinity Health Plan company profile
Affinity Health Plan culture
Working at Affinity Health Plan

Affinity Health Plan is the perfect place for go-getters, doers, and innovators. There are endless opportunities to contribute to a variety of projects that propel Affinity forward in pursuing its mission of improving the health and well-being of its members, their families, and their communities. Affinity boasts a diverse workforce, a performance-driven corporate culture, and strong tenure among its employees.

Colonial Electric

Colonial Electric company profile
Colonial Electric culture
Working at Colonial Electric

Founded in Philadelphia in the early 1900s, Colonial Electric has been a trusted supplier of electrical products, service, and technical support for over 100 years. The company offers an unparalleled inventory of essential products for the utility, industrial and OEM markets, including a broad selection of green and energy efficient products. Colonial Electric has more than 20 locations in New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. They also operate a retail lighting showroom division and a major projects division. The company, which has been owned and operated by the Bellwoar family since 1972, is committed to providing quality and value added service to their customers by fully supporting the partnership between their employees, suppliers, and the community.


SOLTECH company profile
SOLTECH culture
Working at SOLTECH

SOLTECH plays a role in helping hundreds of organizations create, change, and improve their products or services through software. Their passion and strength are credited to a collaborative approach to managing their business as well as their people’s character.

As innovators and visionaries, their specialized team of advisors, consultants, architects, and engineers are working together to solve technology’s biggest problems. Working for SOLTECH means you’ll get to work with a diverse portfolio of clients across many industry sectors, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts company profile
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts culture
Working at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a diverse team of dreamers, collaborators, and entrepreneurs who use their unique stages in the heart of New York City and beyond to advocate for the transformative impact of artistic experiences. Lincoln Center’s people imagine and create in concert with this mission by founding President John D. Rockefeller III: “The arts are not for the privileged few, but for the many. Their place is not on the periphery of daily life, but at its center.” Lincoln Center welcomes applicants who agilely solve problems, show up as they are, and can’t stop innovating.


GutCheck company profile
GutCheck culture
Working at GutCheck

At GutCheck, everyone has a seat at the table, both in the boardroom and in our kitchen—and now virtually as we are temporarily working remotely. Our close-knit culture is fostered by an open concept office space with a 360-degree view of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains. We know our teams need to stay fueled physically and mentally, which is why we have adopted the agile mindset into our environment. We give it our all every day while having fun and being ourselves.


AnitaB.org company profile
AnitaB.org culture
Working at AnitaB.org

AnitaB.org is a leading global nonprofit organization that supports women in tech by connecting and inspiring partnering organizations and the community to reach a 50-50 intersectional gender equity in tech by 2025. Its teams envision a future where those who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies for whom they built it. It is their strategic imperative to provide programs that help women and underrepresented communities grow, learn, and develop to their highest potential. AnitaB.org supports women in technical fields, the organizations that employ them, and the academic institutions training the next generation of technologists.


Benchling company profile
Benchling culture
Working at Benchling

Benchlings, as our company’s employees are known, are inspired and motivated by our core mission: accelerating the pace of life science research. Even as a growth-stage company with a recently secured Series D fund round, we continue to embrace the spirit of collaboration and transparency that drove us as an early startup.

Employees at Benchling are surrounded by talented people who are genuinely excited about the work they’re doing and the impact they’re having. It’s truly special for them to be able to work on a product that they believe in, and to work alongside colleagues energized by the shared vision of a future with less disease and greater sustainability.

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