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Feeling uninspired by your job search? The 14 companies ahead are new on The Muse—and just might provide the spark you’ve been looking for.

Got a passion for entertainment? Employees of literary and talent agency ICM Partners get an insider look at the deals that make the industry run. Care about helping professionals find their way out of debt? Digital lender Laurel Road has helped thousands of customers refinance and consolidate student loans. Want to make the internet ecosystem more secure? Cofense is an innovator when it comes to phishing defense solutions.

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1. Expel

Expel allows its customers to do what they love about security, even if that’s not thinking about it. Expel Workbench (the tech) and Expel analysts’ (the team) 24x7 monitoring service together provide transparent managed security that gives customers the answers they need to kick out attackers and keep them out. While Expel’s tribe is hardworking and passionate about their craft, they also know how to take care of themselves and others—whether that’s by flexing their daily schedule to hit up the gym, work from home, or get to an event to support family or friends.

2. Staples

Recognizing that work is changing in new and exciting ways, from collaborative workspaces to home offices, side hustles to big businesses, Staples provides worklife solutions. With teams dedicated to office design, furniture, facility solutions, technology, and more, Staples has inserted itself into every possible area of the industry. Many long-term employees recognize the opportunities and growth available to them and continue to feel challenged daily. It’s an especially exciting time for the company as they strive to be inclusive and collaborative thought leaders.

3. TriNetX

TriNetX is a data and analytics company that partners with healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies across the globe to conduct research and enhance clinical trials leveraging real-world data. They look for people who are creative, intuitive, and curious about science and the world. Collaboration is big at TriNetX, as everyone is working towards a common goal. The TriNetX company culture encourages continuous professional growth, and employees take pride in the impact their work makes on the world.

4. Cofense

Cofense offers businesses an innovative approach to stopping phishing attacks. And while team members do deliver best-in-class software and automation, they also know that the smartest machines can't do the stuff humans are wired for—like flagging an email that appears flawless but uses the wrong nickname for the person receiving the email. It's the power of collective human intelligence, which Cofense applies to work life, too, with flexible career opportunities for all levels of interests and experience. And, to top it all off, there are events like Bring Your Mutt to Work Days, potlucks, happy hours, and more.

5. First Home Bank

First Home Bank is a full-service community bank as well as a national SBA and Residential Mortgage Lender dedicated to providing a wide range of high quality banking services delivered in a personalized, friendly manner. Understanding that their employees are their most critical resource, First Home Bank is committed to providing career development opportunities, competitive compensation, and generous benefits to its entire workforce. As an organization, they strive to reach the common goal of building a stronger and better bank while encouraging open communication in an environment of mutual respect.

6. ComplySci

ComplySci is an industry-leading compliance and risk platform that helps identify, monitor, and manage all compliance-related challenges and risks its clients may face. The company primarily focuses on businesses within the financial services industry. Founded in 2003, ComplySci has earned the trust of over 1,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

7. ICM Partners

ICM Partners offers employees the expertise of a legacy agency combined with the incredible entrepreneurial spirit of its agent owners. Dedicated solely to the representation of artists, content creators, authors, artisans, and journalists, the company maintains grassroots values that keep best interests at heart.

8. Meritage Homes

Meritage Homes is on a mission to help make the American dream come true for as many people as possible. They build and sell energy-efficient houses in 17 markets across the country, focusing primarily on those who want to buy their first or second home and those who are down-sizing. Their ultimate goal is to be the most innovative in the industry and to provide buyers with a home they can be proud of and a buying process that’s easy, simple, and transparent.

9. FloQast

FloQast is a fast-growing, Los Angeles-based startup that is redefining how a critical business process—financial close—is performed. FloQast is the first company of its kind to focus specifically on the mid-market. Their only “competitors” have built for the enterprise. Some FloQast clients you may know are Indeed, Zillow, GrubHub, and the Golden State Warriors.

10. Laurel Road

Laurel Road is a national digital lender offering student loans, personal loans, and mortgage financing to help millennials achieve their financial goals. As an innovator in fintech services, Laurel Road's technology provides a smart, secure approach to financing. Since 2013, Laurel Road has helped thousands of professionals refinance and consolidate more than $4 billion in federal and private school loans, passing on meaningful savings to customers.

11. CentralSquare

CentralSquare brings private sector speed and innovation to the public sector. By providing the broadest, smartest, and most unified software suite in the industry, CentralSquare helps public safety agencies and local governments build safer and smarter communities. Their technology includes solutions for emergency response, law enforcement, finance, HR, community development, citizen engagement, and more.
At CentralSquare, values like diversity, inclusion, integrity and humility are integral to the company culture. Their core values of Data-Driven Innovation, Growth Mindset, Community Focused and High Speed, Low Drag describe both who they are as a company and how they will succeed.

12. Restaurant365

Founded by John Moody, Morgan Harris, and Tony Smith in 2011, Restaurant365 is the leading restaurant management solution platform. Restaurant365 helps restaurants of all types and sizes solve their everyday problems and help them grow. Their cloud-based software integrates everything—scheduling, inventory, cost management, accounting, and more—into one place so that restaurant owners don’t have to seek out a bunch of separate solutions for all of their different needs. They are leading the way by implementing incredibly intelligent, advanced technology that significantly reduces the burdens placed on restaurant operators.

13. Invisibly

Invisibly is fixing the attention economy by improving the ecosystem for consumers, content creators, and advertisers. Quality content is vital and must stop getting lost amongst clickbait, fake news, and invasive ad tech. Invisibly provides creators with the economic incentive to deliver quality content by streamlining the attention economy and greater consumer engagement and insights for brands.

14. Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki’s mission is to simplify technology so passionate people can focus on their mission. Global clients—including startups, Fortune 500s, nonprofits, airports, hospitals, schools, and many others—rely on the company’s powerful cloud-managed networking solutions for seamless connection. Cisco Meraki helps the world spend less time on technology and more on what matters.

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